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Installing an Xbox 360 to your HDD improves loading times, removes disc noise and overall creates a smoother gaming experience. But you still need the disc in the Xbox 360 Console to play the game.


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you should always be able to play online without installing a game

There are very little advantages to this but I belive that if you install a game to your hard drive your xbox will run a little cooler and if your disc shatters or breaks inside the xbox 360 itself then your data from your games is not lost and can be retrieved from your hard drive. Hope this helped.

you have to have the disc in the drive for it to play. When you install game to hard drive it makes it so the disc doesn't have to spin. Therefore it will not be scratched, overheated etc.

Yes, because you are uploading all of that games data into your hard drive, as opposed to just having your xbox read the disc.

When a game freezes, try installing the game on your hard drive, this should help.

You can install Halo Reach to your hard drive like any other Xbox 360 game, however the game must be in the disk drive in order to play the game.(but if you have to put the disk its a waste of time to installing it)

No, however you can buy the game from xbox live marketplace and the game will be on your hard drive

When the Xbox says install game it does not mean you are about to install the full game onto your hard drive. When you install a game on to your Xbox it's taking some of the game files and installing them to make the game run smoother and possibly look better.

Installing an Xbox 360 to your HDD improves loading times, removes disc noise and overall creates a smoother gaming experience. However, you still need the disc in the Xbox 360 Console to play the game.

If you have a hard drive. If you do not have a hard drive in your 360 it will not workAll Xbox games will work on a 360 that has a hard drive (elite and pro come with hard drive). Arcade version owners need to buy a hard drive first

Minecraft is available on the Xbox 360. You can download the entire game to your Xbox hard drive.

install to hard drive still requires a disk. the point of installing it is that your xbox will be quiet when your playing the game on it. it also makes the game load faster.

select your game libary from the xbox 360 dashboard and choose install to hard drive

Yes but the xbox game save it automaticly.

First you need a hard drive or a memory unit then when playing a game check in-game instructions.

The installed game should remain on your hard drive, regardless of the Xbox you're using. However, be sure that you are on your own account when you download the game, or you'll have to transfer the content licenses back to your account from your friend's. Check out Xbox's Digital Rights Management page to learn how to transfer the content licenses.

The hard drive on your xbox 360 is the optional storage device which stores all your saved game progression, music, pictures and games.

Yes. But you'd have to copy that game from the xBox to an external hard drive (or a penn drive). Then copy it to the other xBox without the downloaded game.

No because the xbox has to read the disk for it to play. Even if you have downloaded it already. Alternative you can mod your xbox and load games on it if you have an hard drive then you can play your games.

No. Removing or inserting a hard drive from your 360 whilst a game is in progress will cause your 360 to restart.

Game information saves on the Xbox's hard drive.

yes you can play an xbox without a hard drive because the game console has its own memory but the memory is small so you will be ablwe to save your games but not be able to download or store music of the xbox without a hard drive

Saves your game information, and your xbox live account.

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