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DC grade vitamins are nothing but Direct Compressible which can be punched to make tablets directly.

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DC runs on acwhat does it mean?

It mean that dc is also a pulsuaiting dc

Vitamin D and Calcium?

what do you mean? if you mean do you need if that is yes especially vitamin d

What is C mean?

C means lots of things. It is the 3rd letter of the alphabet. It is a vitamin which prevents scurvy. It is a programming language. It is a passing grade, but not a particularly good grade, being inferior to A and B. It is all these things and more.

What do you mean by DC generator?

A DC generator is a generator that generates DC.

Vitamin d sun?

If you mean,"do we get vitamin D from the sun?" then yes, we do. If you mean,"does the sun burn up vitamin D?" or,"Did the sun come into existence as a giant ball of vitamin D?" then no.

What does the STATE DC mean?

DC refers to the District of Columbia, which is not a state.

What does dc mean Washington DC?

district of Columbia

In Washington DC what does the DC mean?

District of Columbia

What does the dc mean in dc hats?

dydrek corporation.

What does the DC mean in washignton DC?

District of Columbia

What does DC PA mean after a chiropractor name?

DC after a chiropractors name stands for Doctor of Chiropractic

What does DC MA mean on the inside of a ring?

dc ma

What is DC in Linux mean?

dc - an arbitrary precision calculator

What does NaN mean grade point average mean?

Not applicable . No grade.

What is a pharmacy grade vitamin and is there a way you can tell if a vitamin is pharamcy grade by a code on the package label or someting else that says it is?

most are marked generic or the production and distributor name is a store name,which means they are bought wholesale and relabled for a company

What does the letters DC mean?

District of Columbia (as in Washington DC) or direct current (as in AC/DC).

How deep is the frost line in Washington DC?

According to DCMR 12, the DC building code, it's 30 inches below grade.

Does mean value exist in DC?

Yes. the mean is the average. Since DC is a constant, stable output, the average = the DC magnitude. The average of 1 = 1.

What does DC mean after a chiropractor name?

DC stand for Doctor of Chiropractor

Is vitamin c a non fat-soluble vitamin?

Well, if you mean "non-fat soluble" as water soluble, then yes, Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin.

What is mean by DC link capacitor?

its used to reduce the ripple at the dc outptu

What does DC 14k mean on a gold ring?

DC stands for Diamond Cut.

What does the DC mean in Bogota DC in Colombia?

D.C. stands for "Distrito Capital"

WHAT DOES ads 14K dc mean on a diamond ring?

i love washington dc

What does DC mean after a name?

I don't know about nmes as in people's names, but in Washington DC it means District of Columbia DC after a persons name can also mean Doctor of Chiropractics