What does it mean a trait is said to be sex-linked?


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Generally the trait is on the X chromosome, as the Y is rather small and full of deleterious mutations and has few working genes. But and trait that is located on a sex chromosome is said to be sex linked. Naturally, women have two, XX, chromosomes, so ore protected statistically from many sex linked recessive disorders.


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If gene controling a character is located on sex chromosome , it is said to be sex linked .

A trait controlled by four alleles is said to have multiple alleles.

The most common forms of color blindness are recessive. However they are sexlinked, residing on the X chromosome, so the characteristic is more prevalent in males.

Polygenic trait or polygenic influence

A dominant trait is the trait that will be shown by organism.

Organisms that have two identical alleles for a particular trait are said to be? homozygous

i mean to say what is a recessive trait not what is recessive trait sorry

An organism that possesses two different alleles for a trait is said to be heterozygous for that trait.

If an individual has the same genes for the same trait, he's said to be homozygous for that trait. If he has different genes for a trait, then he's heterozygous.

Carriers of the sickle cell gene are said to have sickle cell trait

The French word 'trait' means dash, line, or stroke. It also may mean feature, or [personality] trait. And it may mean dart or shaft, and even trace.

When discussing genetics, recessive trait refers to the fact that the offspring of two parents must inherit two copies of a gene to expose the trait. This would mean that both parents must be carriers of said gene in order for their offspring to show a recessive trait.

dominant trait means homozygous

It should be a dominant allele--a dominant allele's trait will be expressed over the recessive allele's trait.

Yes. Because the colorblind trait is a sexlinked trait and is found in the X chromosome that is inherited from the mother, men that only have one X chromosome will develop colorblindness if the trait is found in this gene. For a woman to get it, she would need to have the colorblind gene on both x chromosomes. Therefore the girl´s dad would have to be colorblind and the mother at least a carrier.

Charateristics is a trait for example a mean trait

The trait will be expressed in each generation

When it is said that someone is a narcissist, it means that they are overly self involved, and selfish. A narcissistic personality trait is when one receives erotic gratification from self appearance.

It is the non dominant trait. You would have to have 2 recessive to have that trait but you only need one dominanr=t to have that trait

When you have two identical alleles you are said to be homozygous for that particular trait. If the trait is dominant, then you are homozygous dominant. If the trait is recessive, then you are homozygous recessive.

a ancestral trait is a distinguishing feature that has been past on from a ancestor

To be pure for a specific trait means that both of the alleles that comprise that trait are both dominant alleles.

Anne Frank said that she had the outstanding character trait of knowing herself. She said she could watch herself and her actions as a person on the outside would.

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