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Hello - here is a comparative chart of minimum hcg these preg. tests need to see in your blood to test positive.

infact 14,15,16 and in some cases 17 days after hcg lsg surge , your hcg may be as low as 17 and you may still be pregnant.

the best confirmation is blood test.

average women may hv hcg as low as 17 and still be pregnant

resulting in pregnancy tests giving false negative

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โˆ™ 2008-04-26 22:04:05
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Q: What does it mean if a clear blue digital pregnancy test says you are not pregnant but the window has two blue lines?
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Your clear blue digital pregnancy test said you were pregnant and had 3 what does this mean?

my clearblue said am pregnant and it say 1 2 what that 1 2 weeks

What does a smiley face on a clear blue digital pregnancy test mean?

It probably means your pregnant. Cause a smiley face=happy, and usually people are happy when they get pregnant.

On a clear blue pregnancy test what does one dark line mean?

If it is digital you are not supposed to read the lines, only the "pregnant" or "not pregnant." If it is a regular one, it means you are not pregnant or the test was not done correctly.

What are the colors that you are not pregnant on a pregnancy test?

Every test is different, you would have to refer to your instructions for the test. Or you could simplify your life and grab a digital test next time at the store that reads a clear pregnant or not pregnant.

On Monday I did two clear-blue tests faint but positive today did digital clear-blue which says not pregnant?

If you got a positive you are pregnant. These is no such thing as a false positive. Another pregnancy test may give you a negative because it requires a larger amount of HCG to be detected before it will read positive. This is especially true for digital tests. So, congratualations.

How does a clear blue pregnancy test results look when you are pregnant?

how do i read test

When girl are pregnant?

Follow the Link below for a guide on early pregnancy (Early Pregnancy Symptoms) this should give you a clear understanding.

I'm 17 days late and have clear watery discharge am i pregnant?

Take a pregnancy test.

Can a pregnancy test show positive if you're not pregnant?

Yup.AnswerIt isn't likely. False negatives are common. False positives are very uncommon. They can. I have had some false positives with Clear Blue (not the digital type). False positives are not likely but they can happen if you have had a chemical pregnancy (early miss carriage) or if you have HCG (the pregnancy hormone) occurring in your body.

Has anybody ever had a positive on a Clear Blue Digital pregnancy test and it been wrong?

Some Women have yes. But a positive pregnancy test must be confirmed by your doctor.

What does it mean when pregnancy test has a dark blue line on the square window and is clear on the oval window?

It means that the manufacture made a defective pregnancy test and i would go back to the store and buy myself another pregnancy test. Do not take that test as a negative test or any type of result, there is something wrong with it. In a pregnancy test there's only two results 1 line for negative or 2 lines for positive not none in the result window. So go and get another one right away especially if you think your pregnant. So you can get to a doctor.

What does it mean if the clear blue digital test says you are 2-3 weeks pregnant?

maybe that your pregnant and see your Doctor to confirm the test results.

What are the best pregnancy tests?

clear blue digital tests, mostly the digital. you would want to buy the more expensive. to be sure about myself, i took five pregnancy tests from first responce and clear blue. they were all positive, and then i got the cheapest kind since sometimes they are inaccurate.. that too came up positive.

You want to get pregnant what medication can you take?

at first youshould be clear that pregnancy has nothing to do with Medicine.Unless your infertility is caused by disease.

Cheap pregnancy test and there is 1 red line and 1 clear line What does that mean?

it means you are not pregnant..... congratulations

Do you have clear watery discharge when pregnant?

yes i had lots of those while pregnant,even from 5 weeks pregnancy so dont worry cause its ok.

Is a clear discharge a sign of pregnancy?

Maybe, but clear discharge can be caused by many things. Often a woman will have a clear discharge before a period. The lack of menses is the biggest sign of pregnancy. If you don't have a period for one cycle get an over the counter test to see if you are pregnant.

Am I pregnant if there is a clear jelly discharge coming from my vagina?

Go get a pregnancy testI don't think you are pregnant. People get different colour discharges. I think you should go to your local store or chemist and purchase a pregnancy kit and then see if you are.

What color is a window?

Window is clear.

What does two dark line and light line on a clear blue pregnancy test mean?

2 lines pregnant; one not.

Are you pregnant if you took a pregnancy test and then your pregnant friend pees on it after you and it comes up positive?

Unfortunately there is no clear or accurate way to tell which person (yourself or your friend) is pregnant. A pregnancy test may only be used once. You and your friend need to purchase 2 separate pregnancy tests and use one each. Read the instructions prior to this, and you will find out if you're pregnant. If the test turns positive, then you must make a appointment with your doctor to confirm the pregnancy.

Is my clear blue pregnancy test still accurate after 10 minutes?

my clear blue showed a pregnant sign and a 6 days later I looked at it again and it was negative.What does it mean?

What happens when you have clear discharge when you are pregnant?

Clear discharge during pregnancy is very normal and nothing to be alarmed about. If the discharge is excessive, wear a thin panty liner to absorb the discharge.

What does it mean if a Clear Blue digital pregnancy test comes up with a blue line?

There's directions inside the box of the test and it shows u what it looks like if u r or arent pregnant. There has been many complaints that this product gives false positives. I did a web search and many people had this problem with Clear Blue.

Is it normal to leak clear fluid out of your vagina at 7 weeks when pregnant?

Please speak to midwife asap and re-do a pregnancy test.