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it's dead

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Q: What does it mean if a fish is upside down in your pond?
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Is pond fish omnivoreherbivore or carnivore?

Assuming by pond fish you mean "koi", they are omnivorous.

What does it mean when bubbles come out of pond fish gills?

that the fish is tired of swimming

How big do fishes get?

depends wich kind of fish you mean. pond fish or sea fish.

Can fish eggs hatch in a pond?

Yes fish eggs will hatch in ponds.You have to make sure there is vegetation in the pond so the eggs can sink down into it and be hidden from hungry fish.

In harvest moon more friends of mineral town how do you get fish in the fish pond?

To Put A Fish in the Pond: You hold a fish standing next to the fish pond, then press A to drop the fish in the pond To Take a Fish out of the Pond: Stand in front of the brown sign at the pond. Press A and it will ask you what fish you want. Select the fish and you will be holding it.

What does it mean to find a koi fish in your yard when you do not have a pond?

A bird grabbed a fish from a pond nearby and flew over your yard and dropped it. Probably a heron.

If you have a fish pond a crane has been at the pond how do you keep away?

how can i keep a crane away from fish pond

If there are ten fish in a pond and seven fish drown how many fish are in the pond?

Ten/Fish do not drown

How do you stop hawks from eating fish?

Make the pond deeper so that the fish can dive down deeper to escape the hawks.

What fish can be pets and live outside?

Koi and pond fish who live in a pond

How aquatic life is possible in frozen pond?

Aquatic life is possible in a frozen pond because only the top of the pond is frozen. The fish live down at the pond bottom, where it is warmer than the top.

What does koi swimming in a circle mean?

I have 7 Koi fish in a pond, 1 of the fish constanly stays on the surface and swims in circles. what does this mean

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