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What does it mean if a girl dont call after i sent flowers?

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Depends...were they 'I'm sorry' flowers? If so, she's still mad & will probably need more.

Did you remember to put your name on the card?

Maybe she likes all the attention and wants you to call her?

It's extremely RUDE of her not to call and thank you for them. If she still doesn't call you, you should take this as a sign that she's not a good person for you.

Also, maybe her parents don't want her getting flowers from guys yet and didn't tell her they were for her.

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What does i dont know mean when a girl is asked if you can call her sometime?

prob means she likes you but not in that way. And she doesnt want to hurt you by just saying NO dont call me. Or im busy.

What does it mean when you dont know a girl a lot but get nervous when you go to call her for a casual friendly conversation?

You are starting to like her

What does it mean when a girl and she dont call you back?

she probably is busy or is out with friends or she doesnt really like you she just wants to be friends.

How do you say honey in German?

Honig.......if you mean like honey what you call a girl or boyfriend they dont say that meine suesse there are a couple

What does it mean when a boy gives a girl some flowers?

When a boy gives a girl some flowers, it can mean many different things. He could be trying to be polite and a gentlemen by bringing you the flowers. He could also like you more than a friend and finds you attractive.

What does it mean for a boy to call a girl sister when they dont know eah other well and why does he call a girl sister?

it might depend on the situation, but it could just be a saying. like "we are in the same boat together" or something i don't know.

What does the name crysinthia mean?

it mean that it is a beautiful girl she is the sunshine of the day that makes the flowers grow

What does it mean when a girl asks why you didn't call her back?

She probably likes you if she was waiting on you to call her back if she got upset over a phone call then you must mean something to her Im a girl and if i liked a guy i would probably ask to, not to be nosey but just to see if there was a actual reason he didnt call but if its a guy friend i usually dont think to much of it

What do call a girl kissing a girl?

lesbehonsty it mean lesbian

What does a girl mean when she doesn't lift the call?

she is not going to answer the call

What does it mean for a boy to call a girl sister and they are not related?

its slang but boys dont usually call girls sisters a girl that is friends with another gil calls her sister meaning friend just like a boy calls a boy brother as in friend

What does it mean if after a first date the guy asks the girl to call him. Is he still interested in that girl or is it a blowoff?

It might mean he's shy to call you.

What if she still doesn't like you?

bring flowers to her house or something i mean you dont want to freak her out or do you?

When a girl says dont text me or call me ever again but yet she says i kinda like you what does this mean?

It means she wants a fight. She is flirting, but she wants you to chase after her.

What does it mean for a boy to call a girl sister and why does he call her that Does it mean anything?

cuz they want 2 protect them

What does it mean If a girl says that she will call you tomorrow and never does?

It does not necessarily mean anything if a girl says she will call and doesn't. She may have just been busy and forgot.

How can you improve to be a better boyfriend?

dont be mean to ya girl

What does it mean when a girl tells you to call her after a date?

it's not rocket science. CALL HER

What does Call of Duty mint mean?

i dont know darknes

What does it mean when a guy calls a girl a shorty?

shawty means "pretty girl" or "baby" its something u would call a girl. Shorty officially is supposed to mean "cute girl", but it really means a girl. like ima call u my girl..... from that song

If your spiders name is bob does that mean you have to call its baby john?

no you dont have to call it john but you can if you want to No you have to call it julieanna

What does chicas prepago mean in English?

call girl

Who is the girl in the tell me video?

if u mean the girl in the song "tell me tell me something i dont know something i dont know..."..............then it is Selena Gomez

What does it mean when a girl likes you and invites you out but doesn't call to confirm?

Maybe she is waiting for you to call her.

What do i call my brother's girl?

if you mean she is his daughter, then it is your niece, if it is his girlfriend call her by her first name.