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What does it mean if a guy says you have pretty eyes to his friends and sees a girl then says he's joking?


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he is probably either being honest, or macho to his friends, watch the body langage, but is shy and confused with what he wants

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It depends. If your friends- It means you have pretty eyes If she likes you- It probably means that you have pretty eyes XD And she's checking you out.... regardless on if your a male or female.

Just because a girl thinks you have pretty eyes does not mean she likes you. It could just mean that she likes your eyes.

Go up to her when she is away from her friends and make sure she doesn't think you are joking

a girl with pretty eyes

he wants her to be as secitive as him and he looks for a girl that has pretty eyes

He wants a girl with pretty eyes and smile. crooked teeth shoudln't really matter. as long as you have pretty eyes and a pretty smile. < 3

it means she either likes you or or thinks your eyes are pretty

basicly you have to be nice to her and her friends always. you can fool around with her just joking around. DON'T STALK HER. if she always sees you looking at her she getts pretty annoyed and creeped out

you can have pretty eyes and an ugly face, though, right? that's what i thought...> ,> maybe yes ;)

You have really pretty eyes.

if the guy have brown eyes and the girl have blue eyes. what color eyes will the new born have ?

girls have pretty eyes and wears glasses

talk normally and be nice and just say you have really pretty eyes

He likes a girl with pretty eyes. So, it doesn't really matter to him! :)

He likes any pretty girl but he does have a song called "Pretty Brown Eyes" lppk it up its catchy.

Look in her eyes, and be honest. Tell her what is pretty about them...You don't need me to say it for you.

You have pretty eyes! Even if you had the prettiest eyes in the world Justin Bieber probably wouldn't date you. But I bet there's some man just perfect for you!

I think he likes smart girls have pretty necks like me I have pretty neck and pretty eyes so yeah

Yes there is and she is so pretty with her Blair and green eyes She has made 2 million in the last Year She is best friends with a girl calles Jessica T and Sophie T

the thing he looks for in a girl are pretty eyes a great smile and a good personality.

It means you have pretty eyes.... She complimented you on how pretty your eyes are. Your eyes are pretty to her. I don't know how else to explain it...

He likes a girl that has a good sense of humour, a good smile, pretty eyes, and a girl that doesn't wear to much makeup.

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