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i dont know really but i do know if you like a guy if you cant talk to him just write a note

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What does it mean when the guy you like tells you he has dreams about you?

i think (you) was on his mind and that he likes you to so don't act stupid

What does it mean if your best friend dreams of the guy you like?

You're best friend also likes the guy. Don't let this come between your friendship, talk to her.

If a guy says he dreams about you does that mean he likes you?

it could mean only one of two things. either he likes you(as a friend) or he likes-likes you(as more than a friend). you need to ask him what it was about. if it's about him falling in love with you or you being in danger he likes-likes you. if it is about you being in the background you know not a major role then he just likes you.

What does it mean when you dream you are dating the guy you like?

Dreams do not mean anything as such. Go out and ask the guy you like for a date make your dreams reality!

What does it mean when a guy likes a girl?

the guy is attracted to the girl and falls for or likes dearly to her

What does it mean when the guy you likes friend tells you that the guy you like likes you?

The guy you like either likes you or does not, best to ask him if he returns your feelings.

If a guy acts mean to you does it mean he likes you?

It sometimes means that he likes you, but not always.

What does it mean if a guy requests songs for you on the radio?

It is likely to mean that the guy likes you.

What does it mean when a guy dreams about you?

When a guy dreams about you he trying to mean that he really loves you a lot that your the only that he dream about lot am sure god bless you go for it =] bye.....................

If a guy says that you are pretty does that mean a guy likes u?

If a guy says that you are pretty it does not mean that he likes you. He could like you, or he could just be paying you a compliment.

What does that mean if the guy you like acts different when you are around like he dreams a lot but he never dreams before?

well guys act different around girls...if he teases you or makes you mad he probably likes you or something. oh and guy never dream before they dream after.

When a guy kissed you what does that mean?

It might mean that he likes you.

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