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They are keeping tabs on you and if you were smart you'd block your ex and keep them thinking. By texting and answering you will undoubtedly let this person know what you have been up too. Keep 'em guessing and block your ex! Ex means you are no longer going together so it's none of their business what you are up too and it's time to move on.

2006-07-24 08:18:38
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Can you still get free texts for 20 euro a month with a sim-free phone?


Is SMS texting affordable with AT&T company?

There are plans available that offer discounts on texts, both family and individual. Texts are $0.20 each, but you can also pay $10 for 1000 texts a month. You can get unlimited texts for $20 a month.

What does it mean when your girlfriend breaks up with you but still calls and texts you everday?

It must be that she still is in between,if she isn't apologysing ,then she might just be trying to tell you she is happy and makes you jelous.But if she tells you she is sorry she is still wanting you back :)

What are your network's prices?

The price for texts varies in each data plan. In a pay-per-use data plan, we charge $.20 per text sent or received. We have 3 texting bundles which you can add to your contract: $5/month for 250 texts $10/month for 500 texts $20/month for 5000 texts

Which pay as you go sim gives you free texts?

Orange dolphin pakage if you top up £10 per month you get 300 free texts £20 per month 600 free texts and so on :)

Signs if the guy texts every weekend?

If a guy texts every weekend, he may like you quite a bit. If he texts ever night, he may want to date you.

When your ex boyfriend texts you and you text each other for a while what does it mean when he just stops the conversation every time but he always initiates the texts and texts you once every week?

To me.this boy seems to text when his bored or probabaly having problems with his current girlfriend.He still cares deeply for you,but he is using you in a way.

Does tmobile prepaid have unlimited texting?

Yes, you can use the Tmobile prepaid Unlimited text and $0.10 a minute plan where you can send as many texts as you want for $15 a month. Talking still costs you $0.10 a minute, but texts are all free. For $50 a month, you can get unlimited talk AND text as well.

How much is the iPhone from carphone warehouse at rushmere shopping centre craigavon?

Depends which iphone (4/4s/5). They have two great deals on at the minute. You can get the iphone 4 on O2 for £26 per month (with £29 up front for the handset) and that gets you unlimited calls unlimited texts and 1GB of data every month. Alternatively, you can get the iphone 5 for £36 per month (with £25 up front for the handset) and that also gets you unlimited calls unlimited texts and 1GB of data every month.

Why did your ex text you?

Well Just because he/she texts you that doesn't mean you can't talk to them. When you/or someone, breaks up with someone/or you, and later on they talk to you, he/she still wanna be friends, not CLOSE friends but just...friends.

How do you limit yourself to 250 texts a month?

This is down to your determination and will. First work out how many it will be each day. 250 divided by the days of the month = ? Know how many per day you have then make sure you do not answer any texts that are not necessary. Stop making small talk, only use texts when important.

What is Zach braffs phone number?

his number is 07896805678 he blocks any unknown numbers. he only answers to texts. he changes his number every month so youd better be quick!

How many txts is average a month?

The total number of texts per month is not known. Some people make a large number of texts and others do not make any. It's safe to assume the total could be in the millions.

What happens to your free texts if you don't use them all up per month?

it depends on the network but normally whatever texts you don't use, you lose

Can texts still be sent and received in airplane mode?


How much does o2 mobile cost per month?

There are a variety of rates available depending on how many texts/minutes you need. The lowest rate starts at 15.50 pounds (or about 1.30/month). Unlimited texts start at 15.50/month and you also get 300 minutes. The highest package has unlimited text and voice and runs 46.00/month.

My wife has a Katana with Sprint How can I recover deleted texts She has admitted to cheating on me and said that they txt'd about 50 times a day I really need to know what those texts talked about?

You can call your phone company and ask for your text records for any month in the past year...they will send it to you with your next bill and then you will have all the texts for that month for proof!

What is the difference between contract and prepaid?

Contract: is for, say, 18 or 24 months. You pay a basic fee each month, usually for inclusive calls/texts/internet useage. Prepaid: which is quite rare these days. You Pay up front for the length of the contract, say, the year, again for an agreed amount of calls/texts. Any calls/texts/internet over and above the agreed amount are billed each month. The other option is obviously, 'pay as you go' You normally by the phone, buy a SIM then pay a 'top-up' charge every time you need minutes/texts.

Im with meteor if you top up by 20 euro im the middle of the month how long will you have free texts?

month from when u top up :)

My best guy friend and I previously had a thing about a year ago He now has a girlfriend but still texts me every night Our friends think he still has a thing for me I am unsure What do you think?

Your friends are right. Ask them why they think he still has a thing for you. You will probably get some interesting ideas.

How much is unlimited internet on iPhone 3G?

In the UK you can get truly unlimited internet for your mobile phone for just £10 a month. You'll also get 250 minutes of UK talk time and unlimited texts, with free same network calls and texts too for 3 months every time you top up.

How many texts can a 14 year old girl send and receive in one month?


How do you get unlimited texts?

If you're on Orange it's simple. Top-up by £5, then buy unlimited UK texts for a month with that £5. You call 450 or something and follow the instructions.

Know Usage To Find Cell Phone Deals?

When looking for cell phone deals, it's important to know how many texts and call you make and receive in a month. You save money by buying plans with more minutes or texts, but if you do not use all of your minutes or texts in a month, you could be wasting money. Try to get a plan with slightly more minutes or texts than you use and keep track of your usage to avoid a high bill.

I have at and t and when i send a text to my friend who has Verizon it wont go through even tho i can sen them to other Verizon phones just fine and he can receive other texts whats wrong?

i can still receive his texts.. call him ect but he cant get my texts...he can still get other ppls texts though.. i donno whats wrong.. can anyone help?