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It could possibly mean that you know deep down that this person is into you just as much as you are them. I suggest that you need to express your love for this person then you will no longer have to dream of it because him saying I love you will be a reality. There's a message. It means that he loves you or you love him.

Maybe it just means that you subconsciously desire this to happen.

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Nothing. It is YOU that makes it happen. Dreams don't predict the future, it just tells u what u think about and what you ponder upon. Trust them, though.

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It means either your thinking about them deeply. Next time you see the person tell them how you feel. Amanda

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It means that you are thinking most about instant or some secret love with you, and what will happen after...

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Q: What does it mean if in dreams you tell someone you love them?
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Can someone tell you what your dreams mean?

Well some can if u explain it detailingly.

What does it mean when you have dreams about someone stabbing their eyes?

It means that you have done something bad or whatever, if you have dreams like that then you will have bad luck? You should probably tell someone about it

What does i mean when someone tell you i will always have love for you?

It means I love you forever and nothing can separate that.

What does it mean if someone you did not know kissed you in your dreams?

This could be a simple wish-fulfillment dream, particularly if it was romantic, fun, and exciting. It does not have any special significance or tell you anything about your true love or future romance.

What does it mean when you dream of someone you long for?

It only means that your dreams are expressing your own emotions. It is perfectly normal to dream of the person you love - or lust for. But your dreams ONLY reflect your own feelings; they tell you nothing at all about the other person's thoughts and feelings. Neither do your dreams mean that this particular person is your soul mate, or that you are destined to be together, or anything of the sort. Your dreams simply express your present emotions.

What does it mean when you tell someone you love them and it makes them happy?

that they love you back and are just too shy to admit it =]

If you tell someone you love them and their response is not saying I love you and just ditto what does that mean?

Think it means I love ya too

What does it mean if you dream that someone is in love with you?

Your dreams can only provide information about your own thoughts and emotions. They cannot give you any supernatural information about anyone else. So this dream only means that you would like to have someone be in love with you. It does not tell you anything about anyone else and it does not predict the future.

What do you do to hurt the boy of your dreams for inberising you?

you tell someone who he likes and then you tell them that he was talkin about her

What do you do if you're in love with someone who is mean to you?

Try to get to know the person. If he/she makes fun of you, tell them to stop. Or, ow do I put this, if he/she is really mean to you, maybe look for someone else to love.

How do you wish someone 'Sweet dreams' in French?

If you want to tell someone "sweet dreams," you can say "fais de beaux rêves."

When someone tell you they love you and say your name do they mean it?

yes and no because if that person mean like friendship then no but if that person truly love you then yes