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Maybe that person likes you or is just trying to be nice.

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Well two she doesnt like to be mean to people LOL and she doesnt like to act like somebody she is not she is herself. Besides that i dont know anything about her

josiah doesnt know what it means

it gives the green pigment in plants.... just becuz u dont know ur hw doesnt mean u have to cheat CHEATER

He doesnt know what to do or he has headlice

Well it can mean a few different things. Either he is just a shy person, he doesnt know how to talk to girls, he might be interested in you,or he knows of someone who is interested in you.

well that doesnt mean she doesnt she doesnt like you...she may just not be ready for commitment yet you shouldn't rush these kinds of things...

he obviously likes her back and doesnt know what to say or he doesnt like her back and doesnt want to make her mad he obviously likes her back and doesnt know what to say or he doesnt like her back and doesnt want to make her mad

i dont know who you mean by Tai. but i know that Sora doesnt kiss anyone.

Beautiful but can be mean doesnt really know who they are, CONCEEDED

it is the homosexual slave of macbeth but his wife doesnt know it!

it could be many things maybe she is angry by something u said or maybe she likes u but doesnt know wat to say. But if shes mean i recommend staying away from

It depends if this guy knows that you like him. If he doesnt know then he likes you and he just doesnt want u to know that he likes u just to be safe!

it doesnt really mean anything a dream is just a twisted version of what your thinking about as you sleep so you know, doesnt mean your unkissable or anything like that

he might not like you anymore, doesnt feel good, doesnt feel like giveing a hug, alot of things

when i say it i mean that i hardly know them or im trying to play hard to get doesnt usually work though

if she hasn't replied its because she doesnt know wot 2 say or she is 2 shy

it means he is checking you out but doesnt want you to know

i personally think that either he doesnt really know you or he is trying to hide the fact that he does know you and has a crush on you but doesnt want to admit it.

He totally likes you, but he doesnt know what to do, like.. he doesnt know if you like him, he doesnt know if he should tell his girlfriend he likes someone else.. I can go on and on.. If you like him, tell him, he totally likes you.

i know some things . not know much more

Depends what you mean by 'look' If you mean a lovey-dovey obsessed look: Its because she is happy that somebody likes her daughter. If you mean a 'stay back' look: Its because her daughter has said wierd things about you that her mother doesnt quite approve of. If you mean a confused look: Its because she doesnt understand a thing about your generation and wants to know why you like her.

Either he's a)Just plain mean b)Has insecurties/needs to grow up a bit or c) likes you back ;) It usually means he likes you but it might mean he hates you. - from a guys perspective it usually means that he doesnt know what to do, is scared, or he thinks the same about you and doesnt know.

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