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What does it mean if someone has a dream about you and a guy?


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You want to be in love with someone, or you are falling in love now.

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you dream about what your worried , exited or thinking about

Dreaming of a nice guy merely expresses your own desire for a relationship with a nice guy. If the guy in your dream resembles someone you know, it only means that you admire that person; it does NOT mean that guy is thinking or dreaming of you.

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This is a wish-fulfillment dream, expressing your longing for a romantic relationship. It does NOT predict any future event. If the guy in the dream is someone you know, your dream does NOT tell you anything about his feelings; it only reflects your own feelings.

This is a simple wish-fulfillment dream expressing your longing to be loved by someone you could also love. It does not necessarily refer to the actual guy you used to like, because he is only a symbol in the dream and might represent any guy. Also, the dream does not mean that this guy was thinking or dreaming about you. It only expresses your own urges.

The meaning depends on the emotional tone of the dream. If this was a happy dream, it could mean that the guy considers the dreamer his girlfriend. Alternatively, if the dream was sad, it would mean that the guy is not attracted to the dreamer but is already in a relationship with someone else.... The dreamer should consider her real life situation. If she has a "crush" on a guy who is unavailable or not interested in her, the dream means that she needs to move on with her life without him. If she is in a relationship with this guy, her intuition might be alerting her that he is not entirely honest.

When dreaming about someone you love, it just simply shows that you are thinking about them in your sleep.

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This sounds like a dream that is mimicking reality. It may be that the dreamer has been in denial, wishing the guy would pay attention to her. The dream suggests that it is time to face facts and look for a different guy.

Dreams can be about many things other than romantic attraction. The dream might illustrate the dreamer's irritation with the guy or the guy might symbolize something or someone else with similar unpleasant qualities. In any case, the dream reflects the dreamer's feelings in some way; it does not mean that the guy is thinking or dreaming about the dreamer.

The dream reflects your own attraction to this guy, or your interest in guys in general. Your dream only expresses your own thoughts and feelings; it does not mean that the guy (or any guy) is thinking or dreaming about you.

If the dreamer actually killed someone in real life, then dreams about that person, the dream suggests feelings of guilt and remorse. If the dreamer only dreams of killing someone, the dream suggests anger with that person.

Your constantly thinking about this guy.

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This only means that the guy probably is someone the dreamer sees regularly. The dream expresses the dreamer's jealousy and lack of trust. It reveals no reliable information about the girlfriend or the other guy.

I saw my eldest son was shot in the head by a good friend of him in my dream at night, but he was not die, and wounded. Please give me detail interpretation.

This dream means that you are worried about someone.

Usually if you dream about a guy or girl, you were thinking about them before you went to sleep. Most people dream about someone they like, but others don't remember their dreams because it wasn't out of the ordinary, but when you do remember, it's something that was suprising.

Dreams are revelations which most times could come true. It could mean you are admiring someone.

The dream expresses the dreamer's emotions in some way. It provides no information about the guy.

That they had a dream that they had sex with a guy without condom

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