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Chronic lying is a sign of sociopathy.


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When you constantly think of someone else, it means that you are in love with the person or you are into him.

you know, there's probably some kind of disorder or sumthing like that for it. I mean, theres one 4 stealing, so they probly have 1 for lying rite?? and maybe someone is lying cuz even if it duznt seem like it matters to you, it does 2 them?

Calling someone a viper means the person is a lying snake.

Someone is lying to you when they are not acting the same as they usaully do.

one of two things in my opinion, if they are thinking of you constantly it could very well mean love, but if there not, it could be a form of obsession

Dreaming about someone constantly only means that you have a crush on that person, or that person has made a strong impression on your imagination. Dreaming of someone, even dreaming "constantly" about that someone, does not mean that person is thinking or dreaming about you. It only reflects your own thoughts and feelings. Moreover, such dreams do not predict the future, they do not mean that you are "soul mates," and it does not mean that there is any supernatural or psychic link between your minds. It just means that you are thinking about that person a lot.

Heresy is the act of lying upon holy grounds.

It constantly mean that someone you know is pregnant! A relative, friend, your Mom.

Well, it he is not on line with you, then he probably is with someone else.

A hater is somebody who "hates" on someone or something by constantly criticizing it.

It's a redneck way of calling someone a liar

nerolinguistics is the study of if someone is lying

Yes. If he lies about small things he will lie about imporatant things. The easiest way out, when someone catches him lying, is to say it was a joke. You need to explain to him - that you expect him not to "joke" with you and to always tell you the truth.

It can mean that they are thinking about how they will answer. Left and up can mean they are lying. Neither is a sure sign of anything.

Someone is who "on the go" usually out of the house, constantly busy and involved in many activities.

Perjury is to lying as homicide is to killing someone.

You can tell that someone is a pathological liar if you catch them in lies often. If you consistently think that someone is lying, this could mean they are a pathological liar.

lying means someone is deceiving you, cheating however is someone purposely betraying you.

You can detect if someone is lying is if they do not look into your eyes when they are talking to you about stuff. However if thelier is good at acting then all you could do is catch them in what ever they are lying about.

of course not. Don't be ridiculous you have to be able to notice certain trends of differences in a relationship to know whether your mate is lying to you.

The chemical released during lying is catecholamines

Pulling your leg usually means someone is messing with you or lying to you OR he is actually pulling your leg

It could either mean lying or hating, but most likely lying.

If you say someone is lying it is the same as calling them a liar. If you say they are mistaken then you are saying that they are misinformed.

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