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Being labeled a klutz means that that person is prone to falling, tripping, or any number of accidental things of that nature. Also people woh can be called klutzes have the tendency to drop things as well.

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Q: What does it mean if someone is labeled as a klutz?
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What does 'ninkompoop' mean?

a klutz

What is another word for someone who falls a lot?

a klutz

What is klutz?

a klutz is someone who falls a lot! hey don't blame 'em I'm a klutz too and I'm prod! oh t and they knock over lots of stuff. 'nuff said

What does kluts mean?

clumsy. It's usually spelled "klutz"

What does slanted love mean?

It's when someone loves someone who does not have the same feelings for them but they are still in a relationship. Or current state of labeled love.

When was Klutz Press created?

Klutz Press was created in 1977.

What is the main characters in mr. klutz is nuts?

mr. klutz

What is a self-acknowledged klutz?

A self-acknowledged klutz is someone who openly admits to being clumsy or awkward in their movements or actions. They are aware of their tendency to trip, drop things, or have accidents, and humorously acknowledge it as part of their personality.

What was the reason for the creation of the KY Klutz Klan in 1866?

Just for your information it isn't "klutz" Klan. A person who is a "klutz" is someone who is falls a lot and doesn't have coordination. The KKK began as "night riders" whose purpose was to intimidate African Americans from voting, expressing civil rights, and to kill them when they decided they were not living as they wanted them to.

What is the antonym for the word klutz?

an antonym for clumsy is graceful

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