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It means that you obviously still have feelings for each other.


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It means that your in your dreams your boyfriend is kissing a man. Nobody can interpret your dreams but you, sad to say.

He is trying to be "Gallant" A word that means romantic and stylish together.

Only he knows that. "Kissed" includes a multitude of possible sins, without worrying about touching. Ask him directly.

It could mean that he is very timid or shy, or that he doesn't consider himself to be that kind of a boyfriend, but simply a boy friend. You might settle the matter by kissing him.

If your friend kissed your boyfriend then you should connfront her. Ask her why she would do that when she knows he's your boyfriend. Then you should ask your boyfriend if he made the first move not her.

The other girl in this dream represents the dreamer herself.

if you have kissed or go on dates yes.

Its I kissed a girl. Not you kissed a girl.

She has kissed Zac Efron , her co-star from High School Musical and her boyfriend and, Corbin Blue.

If u have not made out with him already it means u want to make out with him

that depends on whether if you kissed somebody else, your boyfriend would consider it cheating? in my opinion yes but that just depends was it a drunken mistake or was it more than once? x

Not right away. Maybe if kissing him is getting regular,you can hint to him you have kissed someone else. He most likely have kissed many of girls.

yes only if my boyfriend kissed another woman.

She kissed her boyfriend "Garrett Backstorm"

yes because that is her boyfriend

Maybe she is trying to make you jelous and get you to prove how much you like her by winning her over.

Not unless he is still (romantically) kissing guys.

miley cyrus; i have kissed her and im her boyfriend.

no. she is a virgin. and has never kissed anyone, at the age of 48.

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