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You probably are not pregnant (although rare, some HPT are known to give false pos.) but I would go to the doc and get a blood test done to make sure. It could also mean an ectopic preganacy - so, very important that you have a chat with your doctor.

2005-05-01 05:04:10
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Negative pregnancy test but urinated on it again and it went positive?

This happened to me when I got pregnant with my third child. The first test was negative and the second positive. From what I understand, a pregnancy test can give a false negative but rarely gives a false positive.

First pregnancy test was positive and 1 week later it was negative and your period came?

You are most probably not pregnant. even though you may have been.

Could a negative pregnancy text really be positive?

Depends on how soon you took the test. If you took it before missing your first period, yes it could be positive later. IF not, most likely you aren't pregnant.

If you took a pregnancy test 4 days before your period and was negative could you still be pregnant?

Yes, with my first pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage I got a positive 5 days before my period was due, but with this pregnancy i didn't get a positive until I was 4 days late! Remember, it's not over until AF shows her ugly face. good luck =)

What terminal do you connect first positive or negative?

Connect positive first and negative last.Connect positive first and negative last.

Can you have a positive pregnancy and still have a menstrual.?

Yes, my mom had her period the first five months

Can pregnancy test will positive 2 days before your last period?

A pregnancy test can test positive 2 days before you are supposed to have your period however, you will have a low amount of HCG (the hormone the test identifies) at that time and you still may be pregnant even with a negative est. It is best to wait a few days after your missed period and then test with the first urination of the day.

You were on your period and took a pregnancy test and it was positive then you took 2 more 2 days after your period was gone and they were negative are you pregnant?

If you've gotten your period (and know for sure it was your period and not light bleeding associated with conception) and had two pregnancy tests come out negative, then you are mostly likely not pregnant. The first two were probably false alarms. Maybe they were mistakenly detecting hormones from your period. Either way, if you are not sure, you can always check with a doctor.

When I took first pregnancy test its become negative but I took second pregnancy test its become positive now what can I do?

Try one more time. If it is again positive, then you probably are pregnant.

Can a Positive pregnancy test come after a negative pregnancy test?

Yes, because when you took the first pregnancy test it could have been too early in the pregnancy to detect any hCG.

Do a pregnancy test first and its saying positive and the others are saying negative?

If it doesn't give you a positive answer the best would be going to the doctor and get tested there.

Can you first get a positive pregnancy test results then 3 weeks later a negative result and still not get your period?

Yes, you can get a false negative, but not a false positive. Your second test could be wrong, I'd do it again. Make sure you follow the directions for that test (they can vary) and read it at the proper time.

You are 5 days late for your period with a negative pregnancy test Can you be pregnant?

well maybe this might be good news or bad news but you could. because i was a week late for my period i took 2 pregnancy test first and they both showed up as negative and i took another two the next week and the third one showed up negative and the 4th showed up positive!!!!!.

What does it mean if your first home pregnancy test was negative and a few days later two others were neither negative or positive and you are a week late?

The tests that came out neither negative nor positive are invalid tests. if you still haven't had a period you should retest with a different brand, or go to a clinic or your dr's office for a test. ~pawsalmighty

You have had 3 positive blood pregnancy tests and one negative home pregnancy test which was taken after the first positive blood test was reported what does this mean?

It means that either the blood tests were wrong or the home pregnancy test was wrong

I am one and a half weeks late for my period and can I be pregnant and not know having taken 2 tests with one positive and one negative?

If one of the tests was positive, then it's likely you're pregnant. A false negative result is common, but a false positive very unlikley. Buy another test and use it first thing in the morning. Use the first urine after waking up to test, as HCG (the hormone present at pregnancy) is at its strongest concentration in the morning. After missing your period for 1.5 weeks the pregnancy test should show up a true positive if you are indeed pregnant.

Is is normal for women to take a pregnancy test and it comes out negative?

Pregnancy tests rely on HCG levels in your urine. HCG is something only a pregnant woman produces. In the first months of pregnancy, your HCG level approximately double each day. Therefore it is possible that your HCG levels are still too low to register on the pregnancy test and it will show negative eventhough you are in fact pregnant. I have heard of rare cases where women do not test positive until about 4 weeks after their missed period. But this is abnormal. Usually you will begin to test positive at about the time your period is missed.

Can a pregnancy test be negative on week an the next week be positive?

Pretty sure it can because I read that the first time you take a pregnancy test and have it be negative the first time is because your still in early stages and home test aren't 100%

Do you hook up positive or negative first?

Hook up the positive first then the negative.

I got a faint positive pregnancy test result in the evening and then a negative result first thing in the morning next day Am I pregnant?

If you've had one positive and one negative I suggest you get another test.

Can you be pregnant have periods and have negative hpt test in the first trimester?

999 times out of 1000 period = not pregnant, especially if pregnancy tests are negative too. So you are not in the first trimester.

You took a pregnancy test and it came out negative you had your period the next day 4 days later you took another test and it came out positive Is it possible you are pregnant?

Yes it is possible. Some woman get there period during the first few months of pregnancy. You need to see a doctor to find out if you are pregnant. They check with a pregnancy test and if it is positive they will give you a sonogram to make sure that you are pregnant and that everything is ok with your pregnancy. Having a positive pregnancy test doesnt always mean that you are pregnant. Something else in your urine can be causing the test to come positive. But having a positive test can in most cases mean that you are pregnant. Check with your doctor, that is the only accurate way of finding out.

Can you use a pregnancy test before your period?

im not sure because i had a miscariage and wen i had my first period i did a test 2 weeks after it but the test was negative but u should wait until your period is late because there isn't enough pregnancy hormones to show that your pregnant before your period is due. you shud wait a few days after your period is still waiting for my period i js hope it shows positive gud luk

You have gotten 3 positive home pregnancy tests and 4 negative Is it possible you are still pregnant only had a 3 hr period at most and since then have had strange painscramping. am i pregnant?

It's a fact, you can't get a false positive, but it's very likely to get a false negative! The pregnancy hormone detected in pregnancy tests is at it's strongest in the first urination of the morning, so if your negative results were at a different time, it's likely you weren't far enough along to detect it, except for in the morning. GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR!!! =)

Which pregnancy test detects sooner?

First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test I used an EPT test four days before I expected my period, and there was a very dark cross stating I was pregnant. I used the First Response one day later and it was negative, then I tried the First Response again on the 4th day, (one day before my period) and it was positive. I prefer the EPT.