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This is normal and happens sometimes. It's nothing to be worried about.

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Q: What does it mean if you are fooling with your girlfriend and your testicle gets pushed up inside you but it ends up coming back out to normal?
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What is inside a testicle?

two oval balls

If you have a Small lump with white balls inside what is it?

a testicle

Can a male testicle if inside than have a baby?


What might testicle pain be a symptom of?

Testicle pain could be something as simple as a bruise, or it could be something potentially dangerous like a torsioned testicle that occurs when the testicle wraps and tangles the various ducts and vessels it is connected to inside the sac.

Can a male have a baby if testicle inside of the body?

Probably not, it is too warm inside of the body for sperm to develop.

Is it normal for guys to have a testical get stuck inside themselves?

No, it is not normal for guys to have a testicle getting stuck inside themselves.

The testes in males produce sperm cells?

They are created inside the testicle and housed in the epidymis.

Why do girls like to lick boys testicle?

It gives them a happy feeling inside a sexual urge

What is inside a testicle what are the balls?

Each teste (or testicle if you prefer) is formed from a mass of tightly wound up narrow tubes (imagine making a ball from lots of elastic bands and you get the general idea). Inside these tubes sperm and the male hormone testosterone are manufactured.

Is it normal for the inside of one testicle to go back farther than the other?

Yes, it's normal.

Your brother has one testicle by birth what risks does he have in future?

He should be checked by a doctor if he hasn't already, just to make sure there isn't still a testicle up inside him. If he really only has one testicle he shouldn't have any problems. He will still be able to have erections, sex and children. Doctors can insert a plastic testicle that looks and feels just like a real one. See the link below.

How does testicular torsion occur?

Testicular torsion occurs when the spermadic cord is twisted at a 90 / 180* angle. This can occur from a hard hit to the scrotum, during testicle recession so that the testicle is no longer inside the scrotum, or the common scenario of getting out of a warm bed into cold air, causing your testicle to recede and twist in many cases.

Why do you cling to your ex-girlfriend?

Because inside your heart there is still a little love for that girl.

Can testicular torsion cause infertility?

It can cause infertility, but it can also cause your death. A untreated twisted testicle, aside from being incredibly painful, will swell and die. Keeping a dead testicle inside your body will do more harm than good.

Heat energy coming from inside earth heat from volcanoes or geysers?

Volcanos and hot geysers do show that heat is coming from inside the earth.

Why does sterility results with undescended testicle?

It is too warm inside the body for sperm to develop. That is why they are in the scrotum, keeps them just a little bit cooler.

Why 2002 dodge intrepid 2.7 v6 engine knocks?

If the sound is coming from inside the engine, an internal part has failed.If the sound is coming from inside the engine, an internal part has failed.

Can a male dog get a female pregnant with only one testicle?

The odds are against it but you never know. The male that has only one testicle down, should be neutered for his own health's sake as the testicle that retained inside of him will most likely turn cancerous and cause his death eventually. This condition is also an inherited trait and can be passed along in the gene pool, so you would not wish to breed an animal with this condition, mono orchid-ism is what it is called I believe (meaning one testicle in Latin).

Can you still father children if you get hit in the testes?

Depends on the damage but you might be unlucky and the bleeding inside will be so severe or the testicle will burst so they have to remove them.

Why do boys need a girlfriend?

Boys that "need" a girlfriend are insecure about themselves. Boys shouldn't need a girlfriend, they can want a girlfriend, but they shouldn't need one. Once a boy is happy on the inside with who they are as a person then a girlfriend is icing on the cake to life.

What are causes of testicle infection?

Causes of testicle infections can come from catheters. They leave bacteria inside of your body if you leave the tube in for to long and/or don't change the tube when your supposed to. It can travel through your blood and go down to your testicles to infect your epididymis. The word for that would be called epididimo-orchitis.

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What does it mean when you dream about dead worms coming out of your body?

The things you keep hidden inside are coming to the surface

How many balls has Adolf Hitler had?

if by balls you should mean testicles, Adolf Hitler according to Russian autopsy reports only had one testicle. "This contained the startling news that Hitler's "left testicle could not be found either in the scrotum or on the spermatic cord inside the inguinal canal, or in the small pelvis. . . ." "

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