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What does it mean if you dream that your cousin is pregnant?


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that you had a dream your cousin was pregnant no bigie dreams dont mean anything


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Your dreams are always about yourself, so your cousin in this dream represents yourself. Unless you are pregnant, dreaming of your cousin in labor suggests that you are struggling to "bring forth" some important idea, task or project. If you are pregnant, then the dream can be dismissed as the sort of odd dream caused by the shifting hormones of pregnancy.

What does it mean when my daughter dreamed I was pregnant

The meaning of the dream depends on the emotions you experience while the dream is occurring. If it is a troubled or disturbing dream, then it reflects some negative emotions you have about your cousin, or perhaps a disturbing event that you associate with that cousin. On the other hand, if it's a happy or comforting dream, it expresses your positive feelings associated with your cousin.

One frequently dreams about what one thinks about or about recent occurrences. This dream suggests a positive, enjoyable relationship with one's cousin.

Your girlfriend's dreams are about herself. This dream reflects her own thoughts and feelings about your late cousin based on her memories of that person or on what she has heard about this cousin from you.

This dream may mean nothing more than the fact that you enjoy spending time with your cousin. It does not necessarily indicate any romantic or inappropriate relationship.

what does it mean when you dream your bestfriend is pregnant?

it means that when your cousin gets pregnant you will follow closelyA different responseDreams are about the dreamer, and they do not provide magical insight into other people's feelings or conditions. In this particular dream, the prenancies symbolise something new that is developing in the dreamer's own life. It is very common for young girls in their early teens to have such dreams, which represent nothing more than the development of their own bodies.

When you dream about fish or "dead" fish it could be mean that some one close to you is pregnant or is going to find out that they are pregnant soon.

Thin sometime the dream is true! Ik MW

It means that she is going to be pregnant soon. She might have had intercourse that night. That appeared in the form of dream to you.

In Africa it is interpreted as two Things. First the one who had such dream will soon be pregnant or the Husband has impregnated someone.

Someone close to you dying in a dream represents a rebirth of the relationship, bad or good.

it means that there is a chance that that certain realative will get pregnant

To dream about your daughter being pregnant basically means that a parent thinks that the daughter is practicing unprotected sex. In most cases, people dream about what they think.

Most ancestors of mine have said when you dream about fish that someone in your family is pregnant.

Dreams are about the person having the dream. So this other person's dream is about that person, not you.

Dreams do not have to mean 'anything'. You could think of dreams as your brain venting to prevent it from overloading.

Dreams are about the dreamer. In this dream, "you" probably represent the dreamer. So it is this "someone" who is dreaming about herself being pregnant.

This dream expresses the dreamer's emotions regarding the cousin, and might suggest some feelings of jealousy and competition. The dream does not predict the future, but rather illustrates the dreamer's current feelings.

If you are pregnant in real life, the dream represents your body's preparation for approaching delivery. If you are not pregnant, then the dream refers to an important project, idea, or task that you are "laboring" to bring to completion.

The pregnancy in this dream could represent a task that was not completed before death.

The dream reflects the dreamer's emotions regarding the cousin, perhaps including some fear and regret regarding their relationship. The dream provides no information at all about the deceased cousin's thoughts, emotions or experience.

I THINK it might mean you or someone close to you is pregnant !

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