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What does it mean if you see an eagle?

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...there there is/was an eagle present and that you saw it...why would it mean anything?

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There is no eagle in the Polish flag, but see their emblem in the related link.

To see an eagle with a snake in its talons represents the struggle of life between good and evil.

That you've seen our country's national bird

the golden eagle can see in the dark

If the eagle is 200 ft high, it can see for 92.9 miles

an eagle is sitting there boldly

what does a black onyx eagle ring mean

There is no eagle on the American flag.

do you mean Spread-eagle?

You may mean "bald eagle".

The eagle is strong and majestic.

No, an Eagle can't see up to 4 km, they can only see up to 2 km.

An eagle that is yellow colored, usually called a golden eagle

the eagle represents the United States.

that your window is near to the eagle

If you mean to ask "Is an eagle nocturnal?" the answer is no. Eagles are not nocturnal.

well being that there is no such thing as an American eagle, i would have to say the golden eagle. If u mean the bald eagle as the American eagle then the golden eagle is still bigger

I think you mean 1858. Please see the link below

eagle eye can see in all direction but man can see in front direction

There are approximately 60 species of Eagle. Some of these include: * Bald Eagle * Crested Eagle * Harpy Eagle * Golden Eagle * Black Eagle * Steller Sea Eagle See Related Links for a complete list of eagle species

You mean a Bald Eagle? Their wingspan is about the same. 5-7 feet. The bald eagle might be a little bigger

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