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you can't read a pregnancy test after the time that it says in the instructions, because on some tests you can get a false light positive after the test sits for awhile, this is called an evaporation line. ~pawsalmighty

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Q: What does it mean if you took a pregnancy test and the negative line was faint then an hour later it came up positive but it still was faint?
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Can you have a negative pregnancy test and then a positive a day later?


You did home pregnancy test and got a faint line 4 days later you did the test again and got a fainter line nearly invisible what does this mean?

If you take a pregnancy test and it came out negative and then hours later you look at the test and it is positive are you pregnant?

If i had Positive pregnancy test hour later negative test result 3 hours later faint line what does this mean?

You need to have a Beta HCQ Qualitative test done to be 100 percent certain wether or not you are pregnant. This is the 'real' pregnancy test that your doctor can order. It is offered as either as a urine sample or a blood sample

Is it possible to have a negative pregnancy test but later to become positive?

Yes, it all depends on the HcG levels.

What does the inside strip of a clear blue digital pregnancy test look like when it's positive?

The digital pregnancy tests are the same set up as the basic tests. You will urinate on the test (or dip it in your fresh urine) and it will say positive or negative, but if you were to take the test apart the inside has the strip that will show with the one (if negative) or two (if positive) lines. From my experience, sometimes the test will display a negative reading but the strip will be positive with a faint line so always double test a few days later.

Are you pregnant if the pregnancy test came back with a very faint second line and then became negative?

A faint second line usually means you are pregnant - but probably have very low HCG levels because you are not very far along. Remember only to read the test within the specified time limit. Usually it is around 8-10 minutes later. Any result read after this time should be ignored. If you tested and showed a faint positive 10 minutes later, and then it disappeared I would take the faint positive as your result and disregard the rest.

What does it mean if you took a pregnancy test and the positive line was faint then a few hours later it came up negative?

Usually, a test has a window of time in which it should be read. Results after this time are unreliable. In general, a line, no matter how faint, usually indicates pregnancy unless there are one of the conditions that cause a false positive present. These are usually listed on the instruction sheet. It would be a good idea to retest, and note how long the results for that particular test are reliable.

Can you get a positive pregnancy test and then after two days later two negative tests?

yes you can, its called a false positive. However check with your doctor to see if you are pregnant as it could be that the negative tests were wrong.

Could you be pregnant if you took a pregnancy test and it came out negative but a few days later you went back to the same pregnancy test and it said positive?


Can you have a positive pregnancy result in the morning and a negative one in the later in the afternoon?

it does not sound right my advice to you is to go to the clinic and get a test

Is it possible to have A positive pregnancy test and then 3 negatives?

hi, yes i believe it is possible to have a positive then 3 negatives. I tested on fri as positive with FR then hour later did it again as the line was faint and my friend said try again it was the same but faint, I did another Saturday morning it was negative and then another monday morn neg again. All FR test. Ive been trying 15 months. Im going to doc in morn i think i might have a chemical pregnancy. Good luck

Positive pregnancy result 5 days later bleeding and negative result week later yolk like mucus could you be ovulating again so soon?

You need to confirm the positive pregnancy test result with your Doctor. See your Doctor for a pregnancy blood test. Pregnancy does cause a increase in vaginal discharge.

Do electrons flow positive to negative or negative to positive?

Conventional current flow was from positive to negative but was later proved false. Electron flow is from negative to positive.

Was there a pregnancy if you took two pregnancy tests both positive but four days later started bleeding and cramping and then took another test and it was negative?

Two positive pregnancy tests usually don't lie. Sounds like a possible miscarriage.

What levels of HCG can home pregnancy tests detect?

At two weeks pregnant when my hcg was 30 all of the home pregnancy tests came up negative, a week later when my hcg was 1598 there appeared a very faint line.

You took several pregnancy tests that were positive and then later turned negative are you pregnant?

no probably not. What probably happened was a very early miscarriage. The pregnancy test stays positive for two weeks after a miscarriage. sorry,honey joymaker rn

Can pregnancy test be negative one day and be positive two days later?

Yes. It is always better to go an consult a doctor if you are in doubt.

Why negative pregnancy test then it was positive?

No pregnancy test is 100% accurate. Sometimes the result is wrong, and that is shown by a subsequent test, or by later events. Depending on how much time elapses, it is also possible for a woman to become pregnant between taking the first (negative) test and the second (positive) test.

Is it possible to take a pregnancy test on a Thursday and it be negative and take another five days later at it show a positive sign?

Yes, once you are pregnant your hormones rise rapidly, a test may be negative ONE day and positive the NEXT.

First pregnancy test was positive and 1 week later it was negative and your period came?

You are most probably not pregnant. even though you may have been.

Can you get a positive result for a pregnancy test and start bleeding with clots and when you take another test 2 weeks later it says negative?

It means you had a miscarriage.

2 positive pregnancy test then a week later 1 negative you are you still pregnant?

In all likelihood, no. If you want to be sure you can go to planned parenting or to your gynecologist.

My wife had a positive pregnancy test Then two weeks later we took another It was negative Then another negative Now she hasn't had her period for three months?

I'd suspect that she's actually pregnate and tat the negative readings were false.

Could a negative pregnancy text really be positive?

Depends on how soon you took the test. If you took it before missing your first period, yes it could be positive later. IF not, most likely you aren't pregnant.

Is a cheap C.V.S pregnancy test a good test?

I'm not exactly sure, but I got that one as the first one I tried when I thought I could be pregnant. I got a very faint pink positive. Didn't think anything of it until a couple days later I found out a faint line is still a positive. Then I got a 2 pack of Clearblue, one negative, one faint positive. So I got yet another hpt, this time a First Response and both of those came up negative. I've heard that the cheap ones are just as good though. Just stay away from the plus/minus tests...I've read those have a lot of false positives.