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maybe or might thank about what went wrong.

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What are the signs your exboyfriend still likes you?

he calls alot for no reason or tells you he was wanting to see how things are going and they keep you on the phone for a long time. and when you see them they cant take their eyes off of you - He talks about you to your friends and he looks over at you every once in a while when he knows your around. - He talks to you like your still going out. - He wonders where you are when your not where you usually are. - He talks to your friends just to be near you.

How can you tell a boy likes you but he doesn't talk to you?

he Gives you looks and smiles at you . Talks about you to other friends. he Gives you looks and smiles at you . Talks about you to other friends.

Should your wife be communicating with her exboyfriends?

depends if they are friends. talk to her if you are worried, she's your wife you should be able to have this kind of discussion. don't get possessive about who she talks to, just because she talks to an exboyfriend doesn't mean she's cheating on you.

What are some signs to know if a girl likes you?

she looks at you a lot. she notices when you walk by. she wants to be near you. she talks about you to friends.

How do you now if your exboyfriend still likes you?

if he flirts with you, or talks to you often. if he still tries to hang out with you and treats you like you're his girlfriend.

What does it mean if a boy looks at you all the time and talks to his friends and laugh? depends if you are trying to say this or that..... "What does it mean if after a boy looks at you all the time and then looks at his friends and starts laughing" =.....He is having a "go" at you....taking a micy out of you....but if you mean he always looks at you well then hun he is crushing on you :D make your move~

What does that mean if the outgoing guy you like talks to you but sometimes doesn't and only looks at you like he wants to talk to you?

He only wants to be friends. He's a nice guy so he talks to you, but he isn't in love with you

If a boy talks about you to his friends does that mean he likes you?

yes because if he diddent like you he would be giveing you dirty looks and he would be calling you :-)

How Can U Tell If A Boy Likes You?

you can tell if he looks at you a lot or if he always bugs u and talks to you.If he ditches his friends to hangout with you.

How can you tell if the girl you like secrectly likes you but can't talk to you?

She looks at you a lot. She talks about you to her friends. She smiles at you. She waves at you. That's all I know

Can a boy still like you if he says he looks at you if he thinks i am a freak and he never talks to you and if he is shy and he never talks about you but he looks at you a lot?

he could.

Husband talks bad about me to friends?

Clarification needed: his friends or your friends?

He is always where you are he looks at you a lot his friends are always looking at you he never talks to you and he takes his family and friends to see me does he fancy me?

he might ...but its hard to tell he might just wanna be freinds i would wait

What are signs of a 6th grade girl liking you?

She looks at you alot. If she talks to her friends and then they look at you too chances are she likes you. Her friends will probably try to get to know you , to get the girl closer to you, that's another sign.

How do you know if your ex-bf still likes you?

well iff he still looks at you like he did before ya'll broke up then yea he does, or if he talks about you to his friends then he does.

What signs does a guy give you if he likes you?

He looks at you and talks to you.

Ok so this guy in your class he looks at you a lot flirts with you playfully talks to you wants to impress you and make you laugh does he like you?

Probably, but maybe he just wants to be friends.

What does it mean when a guy looks at you stares at you and whistles at you but never talks or smiles?

he likes you but he is not sure if you like him so if you do like him show it and try and be friends with him then maybe he will ask u out

What are some signs that my boyfriend is not over his ex?

A few could be that he talks about her to his friends more then he talks about you. If he talks about her a lot when on dates with you, the like.

How can you know if someone likes or hates you?

if he / she likes you from the way he/ she looks at you, always talks to you about love conversation, the smiling if he/she hates you from the rude words or talking with her / his friends behind your back mocking at you

How can you tell if your guy crush likes you?

He looks at you, touches you, or talks to you or about you.

What does it tell you when a boy looks at you in the eyes when he talks?

it is obvious he is in love with you

How do you know when a guy is trying to get your attention?

If he teases you, or talks to you, or looks at you.

How do you know if a girl knows you?

If she smiles at you, talks to you, and looks at you alot.!

How can you tell a guy just wants to be friends?

honestly? you cant. sorry but guys are really hard to interprete, i thought a guy just wanted to be friends with me cause all we ever talked about was video games and comics and stuff that he talks about with his friends, but he ended up liking me.