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It is right at the top end of the normal range. It may mean several things. A scan will show you. you could be having multiples!!! Although I am the same number of weeks with 9313 hcg and I only have a singleton

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Q: What does it mean if your hcg levels are 6588 at 5 weeks?
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What does decreased HCG at 8 weeks mean?

HCG levels normally start declining at 9 weeks or so. HCG peaks at around 100,000 and then decline to about 20,000 for the duration of pregnancy. A decline at 8 weeks could be normal.

Does low drop in rising hcg levels means a miscarriag in first trimester?

levels of hcg levels in six weeks of pregnency

What does it mean if your HCG levels are 283 at 5 weeks?

not sure..that is pretty low for 5 weeks..I am currently 5.4 weeks and I am up to 9313

You are about 6 weeks pregnant and the hcg levels droped what does this mean?

it means you most likely had a chemical pregnancy.

Is a hcg level of 9000 normal at 6 weeks?

Yes, I'm 6 weeks pregnant and the doctor checked my levels and I was at about 9000 for my hcg levels. And she said that was what she would expect for 6 weeks.

Is it ok that my hcg levels have gone from 49000 at 7 weeks pregnant to 52000 in two weeks?

It is not okay for a pregnant woman to have a HCG levels of 52,000. The HGC levels are suppose to double every week.

What does it mean if your HCG levels 34000 at 5 weeks?

wow you could be having multiples, at 5 weeks they should be less than 12,000

How far is a pregnancy at 8000 hcg levels?

6 weeks

If hcg levels drop by half in 1 day does this mean miscarriage?

HCG levels should double every 2-3 days, i think if HCG levels start dopping this can mean a possible miscarriage.

How far along are you if the hcg levels are 883?

6 weeks of pregnancy

Hcg levels and CORRESPONDING weeks of pregnancy?

A pregnant woman's hCG level's double every two days.

What does it mean if your hcg levels 14000 at 5 weeks?

If you mean 5 weeks from conception that is well within the normal range. If you mean 5 weeks from LMP that is a little on the high side (not much) and may indicate a multiple pregnancy.

What week of pregnancy are you in if HCG level is 230?

I was at doctors yesterday, and I was told my hcg levels were 230, they cannot tell me how many weeks pregnant I am because they have to be over 1000 for me to be able to get a scan, many people have told me that levels of 230 mean I am between 1-2 weeks pregnant.

Can high hcg levels and pergesterone levels mean multiples my hcg was 3391 and progesterone 571 at 5wks and 4 days?

High HCG levels can indicate multiples, but cannot guarantee them. Your levels are midrange for 5 weeks, mine were 7200 at 5 weeks on the nose, which is high, but normal. Ultrasound is the only way to find out for sure. If you have a "feeling" or are experiencing intense morning sickness, it is said this can be a sign towards multiples as well.

What are average hcg levels at 8 weeks?

week 3 HCG 0- 5 week 4 HCG 5- 426 week 5 HCG 18- 7,340 week 6 HCG 1,080- 56,500 weeks 7 & 8 HCG 7,650 229,000 weeks 9 - 12 HCG 25,700- 288,000 weeks13 - 16 HCG 13,300- 254,000 weeks 17 - 24 HCG 4,060- 165,400 weeks25 - birth HCG 3,640- 117,000

Is a hcg level of 560 normal for 5 Weeks pregnant?

I am about 5 weeks pregnant, and my hormone levels are about that.

Your doctor told you your HCG levels are 41000 how far along are you?

8 weeks

Normal hcg levels at 2 weeks should be? has a chart with the answer you need on it.

HCG levels below 5 can you be 10 weeks pregnant still?


How long does it take hcg levels to go down after a d and c?

my hcg levels after two weeks fo srugical abortion HCG Quantitation: 240 IU/L ( < 5 ) H, when will they drop to zero

What does an hcg level of 2000 mean?

HCG levels of 2000mlU/ml. means pregnancy.

Is 8.5 progestrone and 93 hcg normal for 5 weeks pregnancy?

Hi, I'm five weeks and 2 days pregnant, my hcg levels was 44 at four weeks and 4 days, hcg 96 at five weeks exactly and they are hcg 433 at five weeks and 2 days so don't worry they will go up, rapidly.

How long does hCG stay in your system after miscarriage?

It depends but its usually out of your system within 4 weeks. HCG levels after a miscarriage, delivery or abortion will decrease by 99% of their previous levels within 2 weeks. After four weeks following full term delivery the levels wil be undetectable in 3-4 weeks. If an abortion occurs at 8-10 weeks when the HCG level is the highest, then it may still be detectable for as long as 40 days.

Can you be pregnant with Hcg levels of 24?

Just to let you know. I am 4 weeks pregnant and my levels are at 24 now.

If you are 7 weeks pregnant and bleeding enough to wear a liner is it normal for the pregnancy to still exist but for your HCG levels to be down?

I am afraid that a fall in HCG levels is not a good sign.