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To be self centered and possibly evil.

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Q: What does it mean to be a child of the devil?
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Is fabian a devil child?

YES ! Devil Child! USH! :)

What does half devil half child mean in the White man's burden?

It refers to Blacks.

What does sange means?

Sange meant he devil do not give your child this name if I were you if you don't want your child to be the devil

Why did the parents of the Devil name their child the Devil?

The devil is a fallen angel and was created by God. The devil isn't his name.

How do you say a devil's child in spanish?

It depends on how "devil" is being used. If you literally mean that the child is the spawn of Satan himself, it would be "un niño del Diablo". If you mean that the child is acting like a demon or is the child of demons, but not necessarily Satan, "un niño del demonio".

What is Spanish for devil child?

Diablo Chico or Chica That's Means Devil Boy Or Devil Girl

Why would a child speak to the devil?

In reality, a child would not.

What does devil mean in German?

devil = Teufel

What does a little devil mean?

little devil

What does it mean when you dream the devil is in your dream after your child?

This seems to be a typical dream that expresses parental concern for the child. It could refer to some influence or person the parent fears might be harmful.

Why do some African tribes believe twins to be bad luck?

One rumor is that the men believe one child is the father's child and the other is the child of the devil. They will usually kill both just to make sure the 'devil's child' is dead.

What are the release dates for Half Devil Half Child - 2012?

Half Devil Half Child - 2012 was released on: USA: 27 October 2012 (Billings, Montana)