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that you take care of someone

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Q: What does it mean to be a loving person?
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What does the name amreen mean?

Fantastic sweet loving person

Is Justin Bieber bad or mean?

he is a very loving person

What does the name Ritsuka mean?

It means a young and loving person!

What does the name brailey mean?

Loving and adorable and an amazing person.

What does Tyla mean?

tyla means a nice loving person like a person who cares

What does the word Farber mean?

a kind, loving, hospitable, and friendly person

What is the difference between loving a person and loving how they make you feel?

Loving a person means loving someone and loving how they make you feel means loving the manner of the person who make you feel.

What does Rhesa mean?

It Means beauty,loving,caring and everyone's favorite person

Is vannesa hudgens mean in real life?

no she is a loving person and don't regtea it

What does the name kadeidra mean?

it means princess. a loving, caring and smart person

What does the name takoda mean?

the name takoda means kind and loving person.

What does Madison barr mean?

it means a great person and friend that is loving and gourgess