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Also known as bipolar, the individual alternates between states of manic behavior and being depressed.

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What occurs in Manic depressive disorder?

A mood disorder characterized by manic highs and depressive lows

What are the normal symptoms for manic depressive disorder?

The main symptom of manic depressive disorder is extreme mood changes. A manic depressive person will have high (manic) and low (depressive) episodes. During a manic episode, the person will be hyperactive and feel elated. During a depressive episode, the person will experience severe sadness and may even become suicidal.

Is the Narcissist prone to manic depressive behavior?

Hi, Yes some Narcissistic people can be prone to similar behavious that is expressed in a manic depressive person. Also some manic depressive, during the early stages of the illness can be diagnosed as Narcisstic.

What is depressive syndrome?

Manic depressive disorder, also known as bipolar, is a disorder where the individual alternates between states of manic behavior and being depressed.

What is bipolar I?

Bipolar I disorder is characterized by manic episodes, the "high" of the manic-depressive cycle.

Is manic depressive behavior a mood disorder?

There is no such thing as manic depressive behavior.Manic depression (more correctly called bipolar disorder) has a characteristic collection of mood related symptoms and is thus a mood disorder.

What is another word for 'bipolar'?


What has the author Hassan Azima written?

Hassan Azima has written: 'Psychotherapy of schizophrenic and manic-depressive states' -- subject(s): Psychiatry, Manic-depressive illness, Schizophrenia

What is the name of a disorder for someone who is manic depressive?

Manic depression, or manic depressive disorder is nowadays more commonly known as Bipolar disorder or Bipolar affective disorder. It can also be referred to as Hypomania due to public unawareness.

What are the effects of bipolar disorder?

Mood swings- Manic and Depressive

What was the Older name of Bipolar disorder?

It was manic depressive disorder.

Manic depressive illness is also known as?

Bipolar disorder

How do you leave a manic depressive obsessive compulsive man?

You don't.

What is Bipolar disorder also called?

Manic depressive disorder

What is Manic depressive disorder also called?

Bipolar disorder

Who was the originator of the diagnosis of Manic Depressive Disorder?

Karl Leonhard

Can falling in love cause a manic-depressive to become manic?

yes, falling in love is my only trigger.

Is manic depression the same as bi polar?

Yes, manic depressive disorder is another name for bipolar disorder.

What are some other names for bipolar affective disease?

Other names for bipolar affective disease include manic-depressive disorder, cyclothymia, manic-depressive illness (MDI), and bipolar disorder.

Can people with depressive disorder have children?

I think you mean manic depressive disorder. And yes they can have children, but their psychiatrist needs to adjust their medication, because some medications or too much of them can cause abnormalities in the infant. There is a chance that the infant will have manic depressive disorder, but it also can skip generations. They still are not sure if this disorder is caused by genetics or a dramatic event in their life.

What is another name for manic-depressive illness?

Bipolar Disorder.

Facts about Robert Munsch?

he was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive and manic-depressive.

Can you have manic depression with borderline bipolar disorder?

Yes, I have both. Diagnosed in 2008 as being manic depressive and boderline bipolar.

What is the term bipolar mean?

It means bouncing back and forth between two poles. Also known as manic-depressive, the individual alternates between states of manic activity and being depressed.

What does bipolor mean?

Bipolar is a psychiatric illness where a person has depressive and manic episodes. These people can go from happy to angry very quickly.