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It COULD be simple dehydration, but it also COULD be more serious.

Polydipsia (drinking a lot of fluids) can be caused by many different things - Not the least of which is Diabetes. They need to go get checked out by a doctor.

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What does it mean if you are thirsty all the time?

Check for diabetes

What does it mean when you dream someone is mad at you for not bringing them water?

Maybe it means that you need more water and you're thirsty all the time.

What did Jesus mean when he said he was thirsty?

Physically yes, He was thirsty. Spiritually, He was thirsty for the lost sheep.

Is being thirsty all the time a symptom of health problems?


I am tired all the time but not thirsty?

There are several conditions that can make a person feel tired all the time and not thirsty. A person could be suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease. A doctor is the only person who can make a diagnosis.

What makes the person feels thirsty and pee all the time?

Possibly diabetes.

Being thirsty all the time?

Being thirsty all the time is a symptom that should not be ignored. Likely, it just means that a person is dehydrated. However, it is also one of the main signs of diabetes, so it's important to see a doctor regarding the issue.

When was Wasting Time - Thirsty Merc song - created?

Wasting Time - Thirsty Merc song - was created in 2003.

Who wrote All Who Are Thirsty?

The Christian song "All Who Are Thirsty" was co-written by Brenton Brown and Glenn Robertson.

What does tiene sed mean?

it means he/she/it is thirsty

What are some of the signs that you might be diabetic?

For type 1 some are really thirsty all the time,going to the bathroom all the time, losing weight when you are eating a lot.

Why are you thirsty n craving salt all the time?

Those are possible symptoms of diabetes. See a doctor for an evaluation.

What does weed-fiend mean?

Thirsty for marijuana

What does it mean when your dog is restless and drooling?

Hot and thirsty

What does tengo mucha sed mean?

"I am very thirsty."

What does it mean when you crave water?

It means you're thirsty.

What does thirst quenching mean?

to quench your thirst means when your thirsty you drink something to relive your thirst so your not thirsty anymore.

What does sed mean in English?

Sed is "thirst" Tener sed means "To be thirsty". For example: Tengo sed is 'I'm thirsty'.

Do chaped lips mean that you are thirsty?

Yes, chapped lips means that your body is screaming HELP HELP! IM THIRSTY!

What colours mean what for twilight vampires eyes?

For vegetarian Vampires:Black eyes: Hungry/thirstyGoldy eyes: not hungry/thirstyFor normal Vampires:Black eyes: hungry/thirstyRed eyes: Not hungry/thirstyI hope this helps you :)

What is the scientific reason for people eating popcorn to become thirsty?

when we are thirsty that time if we drink sea water that time we can not satisfied but when we drink normal water we are satisfied?

What is wrong with waiting until you are thirsty to drink water?

No, its fine just because your not thirsty dont mean your body not craving water.

Where is the thirsty gardner in poptropica?

by all the mansions

Do horses get thirsty?

Yes, horses can get thirsty. That is one reason why we keep water basins in their stalls. from all of the running around that they do......... I would get thirsty too! Of course, they are living things, and all living things need water to live. Plus, horses run a lot, and they do very fast for a long time, so you can bet they drink a lot of water.

What does it mean if your dog constantly has its tongue hanging out?

He is hot. Or thirsty