What does it mean to have the sword of damocles hanging over your head?

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Damocles and his Sword are figures from Greek legend. Damocles was a courtier who was complimenting a tyrant. The tyrant offered to switch places with him for a day, to which Damocles agrees. The day seems to be going all well for Damocles...until dinner, when he looks up to see a very heavy and very sharp sword being suspended over his head by a hair. The sword is symbolic of the constant risk of life the tyrant faces every day because he is king.

If someone says you have the Sword of Damocles over your head, it means your position puts you at constant risk of your life; death can come from anywhere at anytime. Kings and other heads of state always have to watch their backs because being in power makes them targets (it is not hard to look up royal and presidential assassinations). It could also apply more generally to a person in constant fear of being killed (such as an undercover operative in enemy territory).
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Who was Damocles?

Damoclēs, a courtier of Dionysius I, tyrant of Syracuse in the fourth century BC. When he praised to excess the happiness of a tyrant, Dionysius invited him to experience it for himself. He placed Damocles at a banquet where presently the latter observed a naked sword hanging over his head by a s ( Full Answer )

What does a geisha with a sword through the head mean?

A geisha is a symbol of beauty, peace, and serenity. It is believed that an image of a geisha with a sworde or knife through her head represents crossing over to the other side in peace.

What does being born with a Venetian Veil over your head mean?

Very Sacred to the Catholic community. Typically means the Child is psychic. I was born with a veil. Because of this, I have had many life experiences that seen to be "not normal". As a child, my father would ask me different questions before making important decisions. I would dream thing that wo ( Full Answer )

How can someone have forgiven you but keeps hanging it over your head?

Answer When you forgive someone you are suppposed to let it go then. If he/she keeps hanging it over your head then it's still an issue with that person and it seems to me that the forgiveness is very shallow. It also seems to me that the person is keeping the issue alive with you instead of forgi ( Full Answer )

What does a picture over the Sims head mean?

Pictures over the sims head? If they are talking, the picture will be a random object that represents are talking about. If they have to fill a Need, it will be that Need's icon, like if they need to eat it will be a fork, knife and spoon icon. Hope I've answered what you needed to know.

What is the meaning of 'head over heels'?

Usually the phrase "head over heels" is used to express the thought of someone having fallen deeply in love, sometimes quickly. Sometimes it is used about other things that a person is extremely enthusiastic about. Heels-over-head , the original term, means falling in love or being so in love you ( Full Answer )

What does the phrase The light dawns over marble head mean?

It's a phrase commonly said in Massachusetts. It essentially means"Ohhhh, now I get it..." or "Duh!" as when you didn't "get" a concept, and somebody explains it bettersuch that you now understand it, and it was never that difficult inthe first place, or maybe the original explanation was confusing ( Full Answer )

What do sword mean?

A sword is a weapon which was used in the earlier days, looks like very long knives, to see them type "swords" into images.google.com

What is a hang over?

a hang over is when you get massive headaches and you dont want to move.

How do you get over a hang over?

Screwdriver (OJ and Vodka), sleep, water, then more drinking. You can't be hung over if you're still drunk.

What does to hang your head mean?

It means that you lower your head in shame. This basically means that someone is depressed, lonely, or bothered by others around him/her. To "Pick your head up," one needs inspiration or just a good friend. It really helps.

What is meaning of The Fray's Over My Head song?

Isaac slade [the lead vocalist/pianist] wrote the song about a huge fight he had with his brother caleb (who's nickname is 'cable car'). Isaac has mentioned on occasion that this fight had something to do with isaac asking caleb [the first bassist] to leave the band for its best interests. The fight ( Full Answer )

What does passes over your head mean?

It means that it goes over the top of your head, if you define it literally. If you mean in figurative language, it means that you did not understand whatever it was - it was beyond your understanding.

How can you stop your horse from hanging his head over a fence and choking himself?

Make the fence taller so he can't. If on a budget a few strands of barb wire will get the job done. Better yet is hot wire, he'll learn after about 2 trys. And if your horse is a cribber, or even if he's not and he's just obsessively resting his throat on a fence, try a cribbing collar. And you ( Full Answer )

What does 'get the hang of it' mean?

If you "get the hang" of something, you learn which way it "hangs"or "lies" - in other words, you see how it works and learn to do ityourself.

What is the meaning of went over the head?

This phrase means different things depending on context. If someone said "That went over your head" when telling a joke, they meant that the person did not understand the humor - as if the joke flew over their head and they did not "get" it. If someone said "I am going to go over your head" when d ( Full Answer )

What does to be in over one's head mean?

If one were literally in water over one's head, one would, even if a great swimmer, after awhile, drown. To be in over your head means that you are floundering, doing something beyond your capabilities, that, unless the situation changes, will result in a catastrophe for you. It means he is in more ( Full Answer )

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When someone is "talking over your head," they are speaking of something too complex (over) for your brain (your head) to fully comprehend. Alternatively, if you are "talking over your head," you are speaking of something too complex (over) for your own brain (your head) to fully comprehend. Thus, y ( Full Answer )

What does to be head over the heels in work mean?

It refers to people in love, not at work.. thus " Ann is head over heels in love with Peter". Ann is madly in love with Peter.. her head is spinning and she is somersaulting around. "Head over heels" means "not rational." It does not mean "overwhelmed." For that meaning, we might say someone is ( Full Answer )

What do you mean by a sword hanging over your head?

It's a reference to the Sword of Damocles, a Greek legend. In the story, Damocles told his emperor how lucky he was to be a powerful ruler, and the emperor offered to switch places for a while. After a wonderful feast, where he was treated like royalty for the first time in his life, Damocles hap ( Full Answer )

Why did Scrooge hang his head?

Instave 2 Scrooge is seen doing this when he realses how he wellwas treated by Mr Fezziwig and compars this to the way he hastreated his faithful employee Bob Cratchit

What does over head pass mean?

It is a roadway that is built over another roadway to allow vehicles to pass overtop of the other road without having a traffic stop or connection between the two. You usually see this over a freeway so that vehicles on the freeway don't have to stop.

What words means to hold it over their head?

To hold something over one's head - to harp on someone about something they did (or didn't do); to remind continuously (especially regarding misstep or defeat). For example, "I broke my girlfriend's vase and she's been holding it over my head for 3 months, now."

What does the idiom 'head over heels' mean?

When someone says they are "head over heels" for someone, or something, it means they love it, and they can't imagine life without it. Generally, it refers to falling in love. They are often very excited by the other person.

What does wool over your head mean?

It's "pull the wool over your eyes ." The wool refers to a powdered wig. To pull the wool down over a man's eyes is to temporarily blind him. It is an Americanism, dating to the 1830s. .

What is the meaning of in over your head?

The literal meaning is to be in water that is deeper than one is tall. The idiomatic meaning is to be too deeply involved with someone or something, beyond what one can deal with.

What does it mean when you have a dream that a horse is jumping over your head?

The horse in this dream is a metaphor for something in real life that you feel is "over your head." Usually that phrase means that the subject being discussed is beyond your understanding, or beyond your academic level. The image of a horse could also be a pun or word play for something such as "Hor ( Full Answer )

What does over your head mean?

It means that you didn't get "it". For example if someone tells a joke and you do not understand then the joke "went over your head". Or if someone trys to make an analogy using examples of people of incidences that you are not familiar with or have no knowledge on then they might say "This may be a ( Full Answer )

What does it mean to have a pressing issue hanging over me?

The term "pressing issue" is a problem or task that you are being urged (pressured) to solve, soon or immediately, before there are other consequences. The problem is figuratively "hanging over you" like some physical object (in a worrisome or threatening manner) due to the possible negative consequ ( Full Answer )