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It means that ferns are green in color. Some plants are not green.

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That's a dumb answer. **** you!ย 
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what the electricity rule say about this ?

Mostly green, it's usually the healing color, plants are green and they represent life. Some also say blue or golden, but I'd say green.

all plants no we cant say that all plants perform photosynthesis because only green plants perform photosynthesis.

Plants. Actually, green algae are plants, and have no proper leaves, so you could say embriophyte, but it sends the wrong message, and is overkill. I'd go with "plant."

Its more of it reflects green light, but you could say absorbs Sorry, but that answer is wrong, the truth is that Chlorophyll absorbs most of colors in light but not green. plants look green because chlorophyll reflects green light.

Green means faith and chivalry although some say it means prosperity.

chlorophyll helps plants make food because it absorbs light energy from the sun. You may say that the plants has chlorophyll for it has green leaves. But as you see, there are other plants that don't have color green leaves but they didn't die, why? All plants ( except dead plants) have chlorophyll even when it is a non-colored green plant because chlorophyll absorbs not only light energy it also absorbs the color of the environment.

The title is where the red fern grows. not where the red ferns grow. and when you say billy's details, do you mean his personality or what he looks like?

At a very early period in the history of the Earth, the atmosphere had no free oxygen in it, which is to say, no O2 molecules. Atmospheric oxygen comes from green plants that conduct photosynthesis, and it took some time for green plants to evolve.

When you say that plants are autotrophs, it means that they make their own food. Animals are heterotrophs, we don't make our own food. We rely on other species for it.

It means that a pig eats both meat and plants.

some say calm or in love i say your jealous or envious of someone or thing

Plants Produce Pollenwell you should know that people say thatall that is just a myth sperm has no relavance to this.=================================Actually, there are a number of plants that produce sperm. These include species like Licopodium, Psilotum, Selaginella, Equisetum, Fucus, ferns, etc.Cycads produce sperm complete with flagella for swimming.

ummm.. depends blue is a colour which involves the colours green and yellow. but i don't know what you mean when you say (what does it mean?)

That you are a nature lover and there is nothing wrong with that!

If it's "red right returning", it's green left returning and green right (starboard) going. That is to say, you pass it to the left (port) as you return to port.

They mean that in order to make the future world a place that our grand children would be glad to be born into we should "go green".

the way to say green in chinese is lue su

If you mean green as in pure green, I would have to say Elvish Piper, for its ability to cast any card from your hand for the cost of 1 green mana. If you mean green as in green is included within the mana cost, then Progenitus would be your best bet. It has protection from everything and if it is sent to the graveyard, it gets shuffled back into your library.

'Green' in Spanish is 'verde.'

well why is any lake a green or yellow or brown? well that's simple, the simple way to say it is: plants and animals.

Green in sanskrit is HARIT

Green is "vihreä" in Finnish.

the Irish for green is "glas"

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