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this means the picher strikes out the three batters he faces in the inning.

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Q: What does it mean to strike out the side?
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Why is a strike on the left side of the head pin called a Brooklyn Strike?

A Brooklyn strike

What is it called when you get a strike in bowling on the left side?

If you are a right-handed bowler it is called a Brooklyn strike.

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What is a strike to ball ratio?

Assuming you mean in baseball: The number of pitches in the strike zone versus the number of pitches outside the strike zone.

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What does strike mean in baseball?

A thrown pitch that either the batter swung and missed or an umpired called strike.

How do you call a strike in baseball?

The strike zone is the same width as home plate, height is from the batters knees to the arm pits. Umpires call a strike by either raising a fist or pointing to the side

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Strike Out Looking

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don't askme