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It means that they are meant to be together and should not have broken up. they still need to be together in my opinion.


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It means that you obviously still have feelings for each other.

You might think that they still have feelings for each other.

that you guys can still hang out and there wont be any feelings for each other.

it depends on to how you want both of you to be at after all. i mean if the feelings are mutual then you still want to be back at each other's arms , definitely ok. BUT if you already want to end truly the relationship though you stil;l have feelings for him, it's best that you avoid him . ity will help both of you emotionally as well as help you moverd on with your lives .

It means that he wants to know whether or not you still have feelings for him. If he seems hopeful when he asks, he's either narcissistic or he has feelings for you, too.

you might still have feelings for him!

Eventhough you may fight it does not mean that you are not right for each other you can still be perfect for each other!

Whatever you are asking of this girl you obviously have discussed and what she is telling you is the fact that nothing is going to change her mind about her feelings for you.

He means to say that he still does having feelings for you, but he is uncertain about how the relationship will work out in the end.

It might mean that she or he still has feelings for you.

Usually it has to do with the feelings of balance and tranquility - often associated with "zen."

If by "see each other", you mean as in a relationship, than nope.

It could mean several things. They may have agreed to still be friends. He may still have feelings for her. He may have other reasons.

Yuo are the rebound . If he still has feelings for his ex you are definatley the rebound .

He thinks that his feelings for his ex will , for want of a better word, contaminate the relationship that might develop between the two of you. He needs time to let those feelings fade and new feelings for you develop. You should let him know that you accept his feelings for that ex and that they can never be fully eliminated, but you are still happy to be in a relationship with him provided that you are both faithful to each other.

He/she may still have feelings for you.

It may mean that while you want to be around each other, you two aren't ready to commit to each other just yet. You may even want to be just good friends over all. There's even a chance that you both are afraid of what lies ahead for your relationship, and feel by breaking it off on good terms while you still like each other, you'll keep the good feelings towards each other going.

then it probably means that you still have feelings for the ex and hope that they still have feelings for you. However if you really dislike the ex then it could mean that you hope that they are unhappy without you.

The line between love and hate is a very thin line. meaning they could have feelings for each other (Younger age) And do that instead of flirting. or it could mean that they actually don't like each other. Violence is never an answer!

ask him why he still likes you. i mean he said no. i personally think he's playing with your feelings. so i think you should tell him off and loose contact with each other.

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