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Well, dont bother yourself much its just a dream.

Have you been thinking of marriages recently or are you planning to get married or somebody near you is going to marry. Dreams are a result of thoughts and imaginations.

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I dreamed that I was wearing a gold wedding dress but I'm already married so what does this mean?

"I dreamt I was wearing a gold wedding dress but I'm already married so what does this mean?" It means you want to divorce and marry some other guy who is rich.

If Tatum Channing and Jenna are not married then why is he wearing a wedding ring?

Channing Tatum is married to Jenna. That is why he was wearing a wedding ring.

Is aj hammer now married as he is wearing a wedding ring?

aj hammer is married to a girl named wendy and yes there wearing a wedding ring

Why is Leah Williams of QVC not wearing her wedding rings anymore?

She is no longer married.

Is weatherman Tony Perkins married?

Nohe is not wearing a wedding ring anymore

Did terry Bradshaw just get married?

He's wearing a wedding ring, so yes

What are the different ways to find out if someone is married?

Check if they're wearing a wedding ring!

Did Chris Issak get married since he was wearing a wedding ring at his show on July 19 2009?

Chris Issak is not married.

How you know that Muslim girl is married?

Usually Muslim girl is known as married when wearing the wedding ring in her left hand.

What does it mean when you dream you're planning a wedding for someone who is already married?

Planning a wedding means planning a tie up. The guy is already married that means he is already having some plans. This means you are trying to change up his plans.

Did Heath Ledger ever wear a wedding ring when he was not married?

Yes, there are some pictures where Heath is seen wearing a wedding band, but it's not known if him and Michelle were actually officially married or not.

Ryan Higa is wearing a wedding band on his left hand Is he married?

It's not likely. At all.

Why is Joe Jonas wearing a wedding band?

Joe Jonas was engaged and got married in 2009

Is it possible to have a courthouse wedding and still have an official wedding after without people knowing we were already married?

The only way they would know you were already married is if you tell them, don't you think you should just have the official wedding and save yourself the trouble of trying to keep a big secret, cause people's feelings usually get hurt if they find out you already got married and they were not there to see you? But if you already got married and now you are trying to keep this secret, good luck to you.

Is Justin bihag married--saw recent show and he is wearing wedding ring?

Yes he got married to Emily his wife.

How you guess that a man is married?

You see if they have a wedding band.But unlike women, wearing a wedding ring has only in recent years become common for men. When I got married in 1970 it was very uncommon for men to wear wedding rings.

Can Gemini have relationships after wedding?

If a Gemini is already married, they should just have friendships.

Is Stephen mulhern married?

i don't no if he was married before...but i no hes not married now...cause hes not wearing a wedding ring on Britain's got more talent...

Can I be happily engaged but not ready for a wedding?

Yes, but you should be building towards the wedding. If you are not sure about getting married, then you may need to reassess the situation.

Was Michael Buble wearing a wedding ring at the closing ceremony in Vancouver?

No. He is engaged but he's not married yet

Why does a priest wear a wedding ring?

If he is an Episcopal priest, he may be married - many are. If he is a Catholic priest, he is not wearing a wedding ring. He may have a ring on the third finger of his left hand, but it is not a "wedding" ring.

Is Spencer Christian still married and how old are his kids and where are they?

He is not wearing a wedding ring on TV on January 22, 2013.

What does a woman wearing a wedding ring on middle finger of the left hand mean?

she is married but does not want to show anyone!!

Is Emmanuel Lewis married?

Saw him today (2/23/10) in Fayetteville, Ga. He was wearing a wedding ring.

Why is Terry Bradshaw wearing a wedding ring?

As far as I know he was married 3 times all ending in divorce so I was wondering the same thing when I saw him on TV today, 11/24/2013, wearing a wedding ring.

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