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that he's attracted to you

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I believe they mean "hello boy" but in a flirty kind of way..... hope this helps!!

It obviously means that he dislikes you and/or that you're annoying.

well it could mean alot compared on how he is looking at you.=If he is looking at you in a flirty way he is going to talk with you but if he is looking at you in a regular way he could like you or he could just be thinking about you=

It could mean any number of things if a boy stares at you a lot. It is likely that he's at least somewhat interested in you, and if you feel the same way, you should strike up a conversation with him and see if he is responsive.she probably thinks you're pretty and he likes you

It always depends on the boy of course, but sometimes if you are looking at him and he looks at you then turns away quickly. Sometimes if he is mean to you in a flirty way or just plain mean to you it could be a sign. If he is flirty with only you. Sometimes if his friends are always pushing him to talk to you it could mean something. Again it always depends on the boy, and the age of him.

if they stare into your eyes for a period of time, it means that they have feelings for you or love you in such a way that they cant get enough of you.

he either likes you or is in a trance! but you can probably tell by the way he is looking at you. like if he smiles, he probably likes you.

If he stares at you but when you look at him he will look a way and he will smile alot if he does.

he thinks your lips are wierd and he will never kiss you why dont you ask him why he was staring at your lips in a mean why it could just be nothing but if he does get violent get rid of him a.s.a.p. :)

Dear asker, It might mean many things, it might mean that he hates you, likes you, wants to talk you or maybe he wants to hurt you... I can't really tell. The way he stares is the key, you can feel someones feelings by the way he looks to you or the way he talks or the way he breathes. For example when someone is lieing, he seems nervous and doesn't always say sencefull things.

It means he is studying you, when the male species stares at you he is finding a good way to attack its prey.

Yah definitally cuz maybe he'll like you back! But if he's a bad boy, tell him you like him in a flirty way or just tell him you think he's hot, but say it in a flirty and sexy way

1. If he stares at you 2. if he talks to his friends about you 3. sometimes avoids you on purpose , but not in a mean way but in a shy manor

It is when you like or feel attracted to someone in a positive way and react in an attractive way towards that person.

what does it mean?some guy told me that in a flirty way and when he said it,his voice was different then they way he usually talks...

ANSWER :- ive had it before. It means he likes you, if he looks at you and you look back and he turns away it means he is shy but if its the other way round he is a confident type of boy.

1- she has a crush on you 2-if her friend is beside her that mean her friend has a crush on you

He Stares At You Constantly,Finds A Way To Be Closer To You,WIll Say Random Things Around You

I think he either likes you, or was trying to figure out a way to get by u lol

He likes you. Or he wants some. Then again, if he wants some, then you should be careful, because there's a chance that he doesn't actually like you. He could just want to get in your pants. So watch your back.

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