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he likes you and thinks your hot.

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it probably means he likes you, or just simply wants to bone you. It means he thinks you're really cute and he likes you. This happened to me once and... figure out the rest for yourself.

he likes you, and wants to date you. Or, he is jealous. But, if he is nice, then he wants to date you! I<3 relationships!

haha i know those kind of guys, it might mean he likes you but he is to shy to talk to you

well, it could mean that hes totally into you but hes shy. give it time and hell come around

That he may like you but otherwise he's a nice person and wants to see whats up

It means he's checking you out to see if you have a nice butt.

maybe he likes you or think you have a nice smile

It means u have nice eyes.... lol. He compliments u, flirty.

It means your friends nothing but friends

In my own opinion, guys who aren't nice to you around their friends but is nice when his friends aren't there are guys who are embarassed or ashamed to be your friend, and aren't good friends or partners.

Him staring at you can mean anything staring can show. For example that he's interested in you or that you look really nice and he just likes looking or nothing at all but you're just in his way of looking. His friends looking at you then could simply be them trying to find out what he's staring at like that.

It means he's a mean boy. Make friends with a nice boy instead; he'll be nice to you.

hes probably scared let him come to you though if he doesnt then its not worth it

If your in a crowd and she chose to stare at you There might be a good chance that she likes you. If not then maybe she is really nice and smiles at everyone.

to her friends not really to Phineas or ferb