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Well it could mean alot of things. Such as he has found someone else or he may jusy be tired of her. Maybe he wants to get back with you. Theres really no way of finding out until you ask.

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Q: What does it mean when a current boyfriend is always breaking up with his girlfriend?
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How do you know if your girlfriend has a boyfriend?

Ideally, you would be the boyfriend of your girlfriend. If you didn't know whether you were going out, you could always ask them.

What is the meaning of boyfriend or girlfriend?

To me the mening of a boyfriend is a boy and a friend at the same time and is always there for you when you need him. that is the samething for a girlfriend they are a girl and at the same time they are your friend and always there to help you when you need him. That is what I think it is,

What are good signs that your ex still loves you?

allways calls you. Always visits you. If has a new boyfriend/girlfriend and pays attention to you and not to his/her boyfriend/girlfriend.

Should boyfriend put girlfriend first?

Yes, always. :)

Why doesn't your boyfriend listen to girlfriend?

usually they have other things on there mind. But a good boyfriend will always listen to there girlfriends

Why many teens have family problem?

because they always mind there boyfriend or girlfriend

Will your boyfriend and you stay together?

well, if your boyfriend always goes out and doesn't stay at home almost never, he has another girlfriend.

Why do guys go out when they have a girlfriend?

cause people can't always hang out with their girlfriend or boyfriend. you need to hang out with friends too

When your friend has someone else as in a girlfriend or boyfriend how can you express yourself?

i always express mysel as respectful and kind. when my boyfriend comes out with me and my friends he just wants respect from them and for them to be nice to me. its not easy having a friend and your boyfriend/girlfriend not liking eachtoher. obviously!!

You in a relationship with this girl but you like some other girl what do you do?

Tough one man. This is all up to you. Breaking up with your girlfriend for another girl is usually Always a bad thing to do. This will result in your current girlfriend hating you, and the girl you like disliking you. If you do choose to break up with your girlfriend for this girl, it better be worth it.

What will you choose between your friends and girlfriend?

Always choose your friends over a girlfriend or boyfriend because if your girlfriend or boyfriend do not work out you won't have your friends there to support you.... However relationships are equally important. Your girlfriend or boyfriend will make you feel needed and important and special.. In the long run you should not have to choose but if some reason you do. It's your choice :) good luck

Why is your boyfriend always with other girls?

Hmmmmmmm, really? He isn't mature enough to get a girlfriend... Simply "replace" your boyfriend if he isn't acting adequately.

How a girlfriend affects her boyfriend's academics?

Quite simple, always being with him and taking his time up. He doesn't want to do his homework, he wants to be with his girlfriend.

What should i get my my boyfriend for Valentine's Day?

My girlfriend always tries to get me chocolate. I LOVE IT.... depending on if YOUR boyfriend likes it. I'm really athletic and my girlfriend is too... so she sometimes gets me Nike Elite Socks. If your boyfriend is athletic... I would DEFINITELY recommend them.

What should a boyfriend get his girlfriend for Christmas?

Jewelery and stuffed animals are probably your best bet. Always. ;-)

Does john cena love kelly kelly now as a friend or as a girlfriend?

They were never boyfriend/girlfriend they have always been just friends. Cena is married.

What do you do if you like your ex boyfriend and he likes you back but he has another girlfriend?

Tell him to get raped by a giraffe. This always works.

Why do some boyfriend always mentioning the past of her girlfriend?

Becasue the guy wants her to tell him about her past boyfriends

Why is you and your boyfriend always fighting?

A girlfriend and boyfriend always fighting is an indication of a breakdown in communication. Get to the root of what's causing the fight, the real issue - once that is resolved, everything else will fall into place and harmony will be restored

what does it mean if your boyfriend wants a 5 star chick?

everything about you is perfect like a dream girlfriend he always wanted.

How old do you have to be to have a girlfriend or boyfriend?

Well my friends always date even though they were in kinder and in 1st - their whole life.

Should you tell a girlfriend if you know her boyfriend is cheating?

yes but always have proof because of you don't she wont believe you

What is a relationship of two lovers?

Two lovers are usually seeing each other exclusively (boyfriend/girlfriend) though not always. It's a relationship where there is mutual love and it can vary from situation to situation. *Usually* but not always unmarried. -Boyfriend/Girlfriend -Dating only/Unofficial relationship

What is meant by making and breaking current capacity of a circuit breaker?

making current is a peak value attain at first cycle when the circuit breaker is close.the making current rating is expressed in "peak" value of the maximum ac current it can safely close on that's why it is always have higher value than breaking current. Making current is limited by the withstand capability of the contacts. Breaking current is based on the ability of the contacts to interrupt the current. If the contacts are not able to interrupt the current when they open, the heat energy in the resulting arc will often destroy the device. the breaking current rating is expressed in RMS value of the current.

After breaking up with your girlfriend?

Its always best to keep your distance and give one another space and time to get over your emotions.