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The dog could have fleas or need its anal glands expressed.

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Why does a dog bites it own tail?

A dog bites its own Tail because it is something a dog enjoys to do. When they bite their tail they don't bite it really hard and it's what we call, The dog chases it's own tail.

If a dog bites you who is responsible to pay the quarantine if the dog is in its own yard?

You are responsible for paying your own quarantine because you are on the dog owner's property.

Can you be sued if your dog bites a kid in your house?

You can be sued if your dog bits a child in your own house.

Are forty people sent to the hospital because of dog bites?

4.5 million Americans are bitten by dogs each year.One in five dog bites results in people with dogs in their own homes.

What does it mean to have the dog?

It means you need to own a dog

What does it mean to dream that a black dog bites my employee on the neck killing her and then my son shoots the dog can you tell me what this means?

I once heard that black dogs in dreams represent the devil and that if you dream of them it could mean you are headed in the wrong direction in life. Since the dog bit an employee it could have meant it was time to get rid of her.As for your son shooting the dog that could just be your own imagination.

Is it okay to let a dog lick your butt my friends dog licked my butt on accident?

Get his permission to do it, thats optional, whatever happens in your own privacy is no ones business I would say that falls under Bestiality which is very much illegal whether you have it in private or not.

Why does a male dog lick a female dogs butt?

Dogs have their own way of doing things, so probably all dogs do that.

What happens if your own dog bites you but it punctures the skin?

nothing, it will make a wound, but keep putting neosporin and bandages p.s. i like the barbie ones

Is it dangerous for your dog to eat their own feces?

No, but it can mean they have malnutrition

If the tenant's dog bites someone is the homeowner liable?

I believe a dog's owner is responsible for the dogsbehavior unless it's stated somewhere on the property that the dog will bite. Then it's your own fault for going on their property and not realizing that dog is nuts

Does your dog have summer Eczema?

I don't own a dog, so the answer from me is no. However, my parents used to have a dog that got pretty bad hot spots from flea bites over the summer that responded well to shaving off the hair and letting it dry out.

How do you get your butt huge?

One way to expand your butt is too eat a lot of grass. Believe it or not, licking dog poo works as well. But some people take the simple route and just lick their own butt 5 times a day. it works like a charm. By the way, why would you even want a big butt? Weirdo.

What does it mean when you dream that you are eating your own pet dog?

You Want A Hotdog :D

Do all carnivorous animals lick their own butt?

NO, actually.... no animals lick their butt!

Earth turning on its own axis?


What is the movie where the guy bites into his own hand for love?


What does it mean when your dog licks its pee?

There are actually many dogs that lick their own pee. it is a normal occurrence and does not mean anything bad. The dog could just be very thirsty.

Does Miley Cyrus own a dog?

Miley Cyrus does own a dog.

What does it mean when a guy bites a girl's lip at the end of a kiss?

The guy either doesn't know his own strength, has a fetish for biting girls or something or he is a psycho.

Can you bite your own butt?

Yes if your flexable. I think

How do you shake your own butt?

This is how you do it you just shake your ass

Do all animals lick their own butt?

I dont think so... Do humans like their butt? And humans ARE animals right?

Is it possible to legally own a dog pen?

"It depends what you mean by dog pen. If you're looking to create a physical pen to allow your dog to play in, yes that is legal. However dog fights are not legal in the united states."

What does it mean when a dog barks for no reason?

There is obviously a reason... Most dogs won't bark for their own entertainment.

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