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It may be a sign of an alergy to fleas

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Q: What does it mean when a dog looses all hair on belly and inner thighs?
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Why does guys not have hair on there thighs?

they do

Will Edward get his hair back?

edward never looses his hair

What are signs that male is done puberty?

Your voice will have broken completely, and be deeper. You will have hair covering your genitals and inner thighs, you will be shaving, and have hair under your arms. Your testicles will be larger, and heavier, and your penis size will have increased.

What age should your pubic hair spread to your inner thighs?

The age at which this happens is 15 years. But this may or may not happen in some cases. all bodies are different.

What is the inner portion of a hair?

The inner portion of the hair is the cortex and the inner-most portion is the medulla.

Do lesbians have hair around the belly?

body hair has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Some lesbians have belly hair and some do not. Just as some straight women have belly hair and some do not.

What do you call a person who looses his hair totally?

Bald? Maybe?

Is it normal to have female pubic hair growing a little ways down your inner thighs and near your butt?

Yes, it seems gross but most women have this problem. You just have to shave it or have it waxed.

What are the signs of molding fruits?

it begins to wrinkle, grow hair and looses the color

Can pubic lice be found only the thighs without being found in the pubic area?

yes, also hair on the lower legs and belly area in males , get a lotion from the chemist and follow the directions on the label, easy to get rid of

How many strands of hair fall out everyday?

It all depends. The amount varies. If you brush your hair and wash you hair in a day then that looses more strands then if you dont. Also running your hands through your hair can loose strands and having knots in your hair and brushing them also looses hair. On average you loose about 100-200 strands a day but like i said that varuies in what you do to your hair in that day.

What is the innermost section of hair?

The medulla is the inner most layer of hair.

How do you get rid of hair on your belly button?

you shave it off

Should you shave your thighs?

You can do but not many people do as hair does not really seem to show on thighs than they do on lower part of leg near shin, Hope this helps :)

The inner core of a hair is called the?


Does hair grow in the belly button?

Yes it does. The hair can sometimes look like it's a JUNGLE. So you should shave your belly button every once a week.

Is horses hair the same all round year?

no, a horse grows fur in the spring, wich is it's summer hair, in the fall it looses it's summer hair and gets bushier hair for winter.

What is the basic receptor in the inner ear?

hair cells

Do you have hair in your belly button?

Directly in? No, usually you have lint and dirt inside of that stinky hole. Hair is on the outside even though it might seem like its on the inside. Correct me if im wrong.

Why dogs fur looses?

well dogs shed a lots thats why there hair comes of and makes a big mess its probly because thats old hair

What is the difference between man and woman in biological and in cultural?

Man looses hair on top of their head, but women dont.

Should girls have hair on their belly button?

It is not abnormal for girls to have hair on their belly button. This can be caused by a testosterone imbalance. See a doctor to help you balance your hormones, you should not attempt this on your own.

What spider has a black furry belly?

A spider with a black, furry belly is likely to be wolf spider. These spiders often have hair all over, but it can be more noticeable on the belly.

You are 13 and have a lot of pubic hair some armpit hair and a slight moustache you also have hair on your anus and your voice is starting to break What stage of puberty are you in?

According to the Tanner System for measuring puberty you would be at Tanner Stage 3 going into Stage 4 (out of a possible 5). At Stage 3 the voice starts to "break," there should be dark and thick pubic hair, but it won't yet have spread to the insides of the thighs or up to the navel (belly button). At Stage 4 axillary (arm pit hair) starts to grow and acne also starts to appear. Stage 5 is reached when you have facial hair growing down the sides of your face and on your chin (as well as on your top lip), your pubic hair spreads to your inner thighs & up to your navel, you may also start to grow chest hair. Your penis and testes will have reached their adult size and your voice will have completely broken. At completion of Stage 5 you will also have reached your full height and you will have broader shoulders and an adult physique rather than a boy's physique.

Why does your pot belly pig eat your dogs hair?

because they are hungry!