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it means you are in the friend zone

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What does it mean when a guy talks about another girl to you?

well it means that either he likes her or wants you to like her

If your boyfriend talks to another girl but he says he loves you does that mean he is lien?

No he is not lying. He could just be friends with her. If a guy talks to another girl does NOT mean hes being secular with her.. unless you herd him saying he loves her and then told you the same ; then you can start questioning him. Good luck.

When a girl says she likes you but she has another boyfriend she talks about What is that mean?

When a girl loves you she truly means it. When she talks about a boyffriend she doesnt like you. When she talks about a guy that is a friend it means she loves you and trusts you enough to talk about it with you without you getting hurt.

If a girl gets very jealous when a guy talks to another girl does that mean she is in love with him?

Only if the boy's her boyfriend if he's not it just mean's she REALLY likes him.

What does it mean when you like a guy and he supposedly likes another girl but he never talks to the other girl and always talks to u and flirts with you all the time?

Maybe he feels shy about talking to the other girl whereas he feels comfortable with you because you are just a friend?

What does it mean when a guy says I love you but he also talks to you about loving another girl?

He is cheating on you and is trying to get you to be ok with it but dont believe it From, mick

What does it mean when a girl talks to you fast?

It may mean that she's nervous about talking to you (because she likes you), or that's just how she normally talks.

What does it mean when a girl says your cute but then never talks to you anymore?

The girl may say you are cute and no longer talks because she is waiting on you to speak first.

What do you do when your boyfriend talks to another girl?

don't be paranoid, what if he had a good Friend that was a girl before you were dating. Does that mean that he shouldn't talk to her at all? NO!! If he likes you or has any character at all he wont cheat

What does it mean when a guy talks about a girl?

they want to hit it most likely ...

When girl smiles when she talks to you does that mean she likes you?

That doesn't always mean she likes you, but she might be interested.

What does the song who's that girl by Hilary Duff mean?

It's about a girl and then another girl comes into her life and steals her love or she turns into someone she's not.

What does it mean when a guy talks about a girl with his friends?

it means ether your looking good or your a geek

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