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she probobly likes you

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When I stare at this girl she looks at me and looks away quickly and then after a few seconds looks at me with a smile what does it mean?

When a girl that looks at you can then acts shy can mean a few things. The girl might just want to be friends or she might like you.

What is the mean painted girl?

it looks like a girl that is very mad..........................................

What does it mean when a girl asks you if you like one her friends then she asks if you like another one of her her friends?

it possibly means that the girl likes YOU!

What does it mean when a girl stares at another girl and then looks away when she looks at her?

It could mean anything. Like maybe they didn't want to meet eyes or it was awkward.

What does it mean for a guy to say a girl looks innocent?

it means that he thinks she looks like a virgin

What do you do if a girl always looks at it mean she like you?

If at it you mean your manhood sword, then ya she likes you.

What does it mean when a boy looks at you multiple times then turns back to his girlfriend what does that mean?

I like you but I have a girl.

If a girl looks you straight in the eyes when talking to you does that mean she likes you?

ususally yess.. but somethings if the girl is a close friend she might be staring at you she thinks its a game.. Like me and one of my other friends peter we stare at each other all the time we are really good friends but we dont like like each other

What does it mean when a girl see's you looking at her and glances at you for while and then looks away?

Shes probably doesnt know if youre just looking at her of if you like her or something. If you like her then smile and later on talk to her and be friends.

Dose a guy like a girl if he looks at her when she doesn't look?

If a guy looks at a girl when she is not looking, that does not always neccessarily mean he likes you! Hope this helps! =)

What does it mean when a girl looks at you and smiles and looks away when you see but she says were only friends in 6th grade?

THat means she like you. That's why she looking at you. She saying you're just friends because she may not want you to know, sheay be emmbaressed. That's what all girls do, but she defintly likes you.

How do you become friends with the girl you like?

Well I mean if you like her just talk to her and get to know her and you should be good on the friends if you are nice to her

What does it mean when a girl in 6th grade looks and smiles at you and always say hi to you in the hallways but she says she doesnt like you?

she thinks your cute and she wants to be friends with you :) u have a bffle on your hands

When you ask a girl out and says umm what does it mean?

it means that like she doesnt no or wat her friends will think it doesnt really mean like i am not going to get together and i know this because i am a girl and alot of my friends do that.

What does it mean when the guy looks at you?

hey may like you or he wants to be friends but if your friends he may like you try to talk to him or he may just be staring into space just ask him if your friends

What does it mean when a shy guy looks at the girl and the girl looks away Then later the girl realises the guy is looking at her looks at him then looks away. Does the guy like her?

As a guy, this would probably mean that he has SOME feelings towards the girl. If the "girl" is you, then you should probably trust your own feelings, not some website. Good luck! probably that's how i act only when i really like a girl usually but not everyone is the same so if you like him ask him out not every guy has enough to ask

When a guy makes fun of a girl does he like her?

Sometimes a guy can/will be mean or make fun of a girl in front of friends, but if he acts differently by himself that will mean he likes the girl. (or that he's acting to fit in with friends.)

What does it mean when the girl you like helps you with stuff you do like passing a sharpener to her friend when she asks and the girl you like offers to help?

It can mean nothing. The girl is just trying to be helpful. If the girl smiles and looks giggly while passing the sharpener than she my like you.

Who is the girl in JHoliday video?

But why she look like Prince tho?

What does the name Toni mean?

that this name is gorgeous the person is fit and looks like a girl

What does shashauna mean?

a girl that looks like man and a rat and eats cheese alot.

What does California dime mean?

It means a perfect girl, that looks like she's from California.

What does it mean when a girl says like you a lot but think we should be friends?

It means that she like you as a friend ; )

What does nhmo Mean?

No homo is what my friends put, like ily girl nhmo.

What does you like you mean to a girl?

it means that the guy does not really like the girl that much and not insterented at all and only wants to be friends and that's it

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