What does it mean when a guy rubs your stomach?

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It just means that he really likes you and he likes the way it feels.
My boyfriend does this to me all the time and whenever he does it, none of us say anything. I think he's trying to stimulate me and just likes how my tummy feels :)
Next time he rubs your stomach, why not try making soft, stimulated pleasure sounds to let him know you like it.
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What does it mean if a guy rubs your waist?

Answer . He obviously loves you and it's merely an emotion of showing his feelings for you. He wants to be close to you and he sure sounds proud of you.

Why is rubbing the buddah's stomach good luck?

Symbolically rubs the lessons and good fortune back unto you. Answer: . Rubbing anything is not good luck. Rubbing the stomach of aChinese folk hero with little or no connection to Buddhism wouldseen to be a good example of this. "Luck" is not part of theBuddhist way of looking at the Universe. A ( Full Answer )

How do you rub a guy the right way?

you ask him to remove his clothing,you do like wise then you rub him all over include butt hole and penis then have sex with him.

Your best guy friend took you to the back of the school and he rubbed your stomach is that normal in a guy friend?

um not exactly my guy friends don't rub your belly but what do i know i can't even tell if a boy likes me. Answer: . It really depends on a number of things. Your age and your comfort level with it is primary among these. If anyone does anything that makes you uncomfortable, you must tell them s ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when a guy rubs your leg?

when a guy rubbs your leg it does mean that he likes you, but hes just trying to show.. A: um that and it could also mean that there trying to turn you on guys have a lil repuetion for that

What does it mean when a guy rubs your vagina?

He likes you and wants to have sex with you. or he wants to pleasure you so just go with it...maybe moan a bit too he will think its sexy ;) my bf and i do it all the time! moan a bit and just kiss his neck

What does it mean if a guy rubs your thigh?

He wants to f*ck you He is very interested in you and wants to take your relationship to a more intimate level. Try rubbing this thigh and see what he does. If he is touching bare skin or is under your skirt then he is very serious.

Do guys like their balls rubbed?

Many men do like their balls rubbed, but some men are more sensitive than others and may need you be very gentle, or in extreme cases this may not be arousing at all.

Why do guys rub girls?

This depends on what we are talking about, as far as rubbing for example on the back, legs etc., it is because we want them to be comfortable, show affection etc.

What does it mean when a guy rubs his leg against your leg?

He is weird and i guess he is trying to flirt but thats not a good way to do it Answer: This is just his way of telling you he is interested with you. A lot of guys like to touch the girl in one way or another, but if he is way to eager with all of this then i think he just wants to get inside yo ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when a guy rubs your hand while holding it?

He is infecting you with cooties....or nothing at all. he is either: A:wants you to show more effection. B:he cares about you alot. C:he likes you hand because it is soft. D:he is thinking of something. F:he is getting turned-on. lex,

What does it mean when a guy rubs a girl's shoulder?

It means he wants to move to the next level or start a real relationship with you and get ready to commit to you.If you guys been together for a while now,maybe it means he wants to propose or have kids.Trust me it happened to me 4 times.

What does it mean when a guy poke you on the side of the stomach?

their really annoying :L Or maybe they are flirting. It depends on the situation. If your just friends and you know there's nothing between you, it''s probably just playful, but if you get the feeing he likes you (It's usually instictive to feel if he does, and the feeling is usually right :) ) then ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when the guy rubs his face?

depends on what happened previously before he did that. maybe he's tired. Or he could be agitated about something. maybe you upset him or maybe you didn't. maybe he's just stressed. your best bet is to sit down with him and ask him if he's upset and what you could do to make him feel better. the mal ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when a guy rubs your feet?

It depends on who it is. Boyfriend: trying to make you feel good and happy if he knows you like that. Friend: he likes you and is comforting you in his way. Brother or cousin: messing with you if they think you are ticklish. But you never know. I was in the car today with my cousin and my waist was ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when a guy pokes you on the side of the stomach a lot?

If a guy starts to poke you on the side of your stomach that means they want to see your stomach or they liked you..my boyfriend pokes me at the side of the stomach...i asked him why he does that.he said a boy like to see a girls stomach or to see that its muscular like theirs.

If a guy pokes you on the stomach does it mean he's flirting with me?

He is most likely testing to see if you are pregnant, and would therefor be involved with another individual. I would suggest telling him that you are not actually pregnant. he also has issues with the "keep your hands to yourself" rule (which we all learned in kindergarten)

What does it mean when a guy pins you down and sits on your stomach?

It means he is rude, showing you disrespect, and crude. Tell him to get off you and keep his hands to himself. He is doing this to "cop a feel or two" and is using it as a pre-rape activity. If he is really much older than you tell your parents. Men often do this to get a young girl ready to have se ( Full Answer )