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He is cheating on you and is trying to get you to be ok with it but dont believe it From, mick

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My boyfriend talks to me but talks more to another girl what do i do?

Tell him about your feelings about this. If she loves you, he will change.

You are loving a girl but she has angry nature what can you do?

Accept her the way she is or find another girl.

How do you know that your boyfriend is cheeting on you?

bcouz he alwayz talks about another girl or another girl more than youu xx :]

Are boy or girl dogs more loving?

it all depends on the type of dog. another factor to consider is how loving a person will be towards the dog. also, in my opinion i have found that girl dogs are more affectionate, but again its the actual dog that decides.

How can you know that the girl you are loving is also loving you?

Body language and gestures. She may not say it but she will show interest in you.

How do you know if your boyfriend likes someone in his class?

a way to know if he likes another girl is if he keeps looking at her and smiling also if he talks about her with his friends.

When a girl says she likes you but she has another boyfriend she talks about What is that mean?

When a girl loves you she truly means it. When she talks about a boyffriend she doesnt like you. When she talks about a guy that is a friend it means she loves you and trusts you enough to talk about it with you without you getting hurt.

What does it mean when a guy talks about another girl to you?

well it means that either he likes her or wants you to like her

What does Sungmin for Super Junior look for in a girl?

A kind and short girl, looks cute when she talks, and can also cook.

If your boyfriend talks to another girl but he says he loves you does that mean he is lien?

No he is not lying. He could just be friends with her. If a guy talks to another girl does NOT mean hes being secular with her.. unless you herd him saying he loves her and then told you the same ; then you can start questioning him. Good luck.

Could that girl be loving you?

yes go tak to her if she shows you attitude then yes but not fully sure and if she talks very very nicely then perfectly sure tht she loves you

When a girl talks in school is it always about school?

no not always No when a girl talks in school it is not always about school.

What are signs that a girl is jealous of another girl?

if the other girl dont like you for no reason. if the other girl talks bad about you to others. if the other girl spreads rumors. if she tries to put you down.

What does it mean when you like a guy and he supposedly likes another girl but he never talks to the other girl and always talks to u and flirts with you all the time?

Maybe he feels shy about talking to the other girl whereas he feels comfortable with you because you are just a friend?

What do you do if your boyfriend keeps mentioning another girl?

ask him if you are the only lover in his life tell him that it upsets you when he talks this way

If a girl gets very jealous when a guy talks to another girl does that mean she is in love with him?

Only if the boy's her boyfriend if he's not it just mean's she REALLY likes him.

What do you do if a girl really likes you?

You can tell if a girl likes you if she talks to you alot. she might also be really nice to you (for no reason at all.) Hope that helps

Is pink panther a boy or girl?

Heโ€™s male, he also talks in later episodes and has a posh British accent

Who sings the song - Hot video?

Who sings the song in the video talks via webcam with a girl. The girl is in a bikini and is dancing lascivious. At the end of the video another girl comes and dance with the first girl..

Why a guy should love a girl?

There are no specific reasons why as the person loving another have their own personal reasons why they love someone.

What do you do if you like a girl and she lies you but the girl is going out with another girl but hardly talks or see her?

You move on..... She is either confused or likes to play games, either way you end up the loser and hurt

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