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What does it mean when a guy says he sees you all together for a really long time?


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That he probably wants to continue the relationship, and maybe marry you when you're older.

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It Means That Your Boyfriend Really Really Loves You And Wants to be together with you for ETERNITY <3 thats so adorable

It's pretty much a really long kiss 💋

means what it says he really loves you and is really into you

lye. say you are really cool together and you known for a long time.

If it doesn't mean exactly what it says, we have no idea what it means. Ask her.

It really depends. You will never know until she says so and even if she doesn't its possible she does but doesn't want to say anything. a break can possibly mean that they don't want to get back together at all. It really depends on the person.

Answer It means what it says, not really could mean tons of things and you haven't given us an example of what she said or what the conversation was about for us to be able to answer you accurately.

well if you really mean it then just ask him slowly and calmly "Do you think we'll stay together forever?" and see what he says. If he says yes then just simply say "So do I" and then grab his hand slow but swift.

It means your really cute and sweet to them and you do loads for them :)

If you tell a girl that you love her and she says that it's a strong word what does that mean?

that he reAllY LIKES TO HUMP BOYS =']

it means that like she doesnt no or wat her friends will think it doesnt really mean like um...no i am not going to get together and i know this because i am a girl and alot of my friends do that.

if you mean into a toddler dragon you just have to get 10,000 gold and talk to lady celestia but adult dragon i dont konw but every one says it takes a really really really really really really really long time :'(

When a guy says that you are compatible with him, it means you have a lot in common and capable of being together.

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