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A compliment. It means that your eyes caught his attention!

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Q: What does it mean when a guy tells you that you have beautiful eyes?
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What if a guy tells another guy he has beautiful eyes?

It means that he is coming on to you and the probability of but sex is high. Not really, it could just mean that he likes the way the other guy's eyes look.

How do you know when a guy likes or loves you?

when he asks you to be with him forever, he looks into you eyes and tells you your beautiful.

What does a guy mean when he tells another guy that his girlfriend is lovely and is quality?

When a man tells another man his girlfriend is lovely and is quality, he is saying she's a beautiful girlfriend.

What does it mean when a guy tells you they see love in your eyes?

that either he loves you, or he feels that you love him. or he could be just saying you have beautful, lovely eyes. (:

What if a close guy friend tells you your beautiful?

you thank him and ask him out

What does that mean if a guy locks eyes with you in class and keeps looking at you when you praise a guy and goes to the guy and tells him he can also do what that guy's doing when you're near them?

It means that he is interested in you. He wants you to notice him.

How would you know if a guy tells the truth?

look in his eyes

When a guy tells a girl she's a sight for sore eyes what does he mean?

That he is not only very glad to see her, but that she is so attractive that she could soothe sore eyes.

What does it mean when a guy touches his eyelid when he sees a girl?

Maybe hes rubbing his eyes to double-take because of how beautiful you are

What does that mean if a guy locks eyes with you in class and seems jealous when you praise a guy on something and goes and tells the guy he can also do it when you're near them?

A guy that locks eyes with a girl and looks jealous when the same girl praises another guy can usually mean he likes you in a romantic way or it can also mean that he's not happy with you showing attention to another guy regardless of whether he has romantic feelings for you or not.

What does it mean when a guy tells you that you look cute today and that he likes your eyes and he talks in this soft voice around you?

Depending on what kind of guy he is he either really fancies you or he wants to get you into bed.

What does it mean if guy tells is ex girlfriend he thinks your pretty beautiful and hot and when your best friend asks him if he was talking about you he says what uh no and blushes?

it mean he still has feelings for you!! :P

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