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What does it mean when a guy winks at you?


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It means that he totally likes you. Go for it girl, i know he will say yes because he was winking at you!

It only means that he may be interested. Don't start making wedding plans just yet.
hell yeah that means he likes u for sure if u want to make that moment special wink at him back him and see what he dose


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When a girl winks at a guy, it means that she is flirting, and it sort of shows that she is crushing on him.

He thinks you're cute and wants to get your attention

it probably means he likes you if we winks and points at you. let's say, he needed help on an answer and you helped him and then he winked and pointed at you... ! I don't know, he probably likes you.

When a girl winks at you in a text she is into you

It just means he happens to find her attractive enough to notice.

The term "winks" refers to the vulva of the mare. When a mare is in heat she "winks" her vulva in the presence of a stallion.

Is it ben batt? (Joe from shameless)

smile if you like him and just keep on walking if you dont

The term 'catch 40 winks' means catching 40 minutes of sleep (a nap.)

that means that she likes you

AnswerYou have a new boyfriend / girlfriend :)

The idiom "40 winks" means to have a very short nap, in order to feel refreshed.

Depends in the manner that is was done it.

Okay well ๐Ÿ˜‰winks to me mean to things like joking or flirty time lol but if u talk to her a lot than its mostly FLIRty time lol

Winks -> Show All -> Get More Winks -> Click Ok -> Discover New Winks, Emotions And Backgrounds! :D

If they're cute- smile and wink back. if they aren't- just smile.

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