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Owner will carry - means that the owner will hold the note for financing. This can be advantageous due to the leniency of the owners financing criteria, lack of down payment requirements and other issues a typical mortgage company would rather not deal with. However, It will not be reported on your credit report as typical mortgage would. If this is your first purchase, I would recommend that you not attempt this on your own. There are several aspects to real estate that could overwhelm someone with no experence in that field. Ask a friend who is a realtor or loan officer to assist you.

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There are many advantages and disadvantages of owner funds. The advantages and disadvantages of owner funds depends largely on the person.

A turnkey contract is one in which an independent agent agrees to furnish materials and labor to finish a project and then turn it over to the owner for a fixed price. Advantages for the business owner: No outlay of cash until the project is done. Advantages for the one making the project: Gets a lump sum payment when the project is turned over to the owner. Disadvantages for the owner: Trusting someone else to deliver a quality project. Disadvantages for the maker of the project: Outlay of cash for materials at the start.

owner will provide 'seller financing" a purchase money mortgage. it could be either a 1st or 2nd mortgage. Seller is willing to provide some of the financing or all of it so conventional financing(banks) are not needed. You sign a promissory note with the seller an IOU a promise to pay.

unlimited liability which is a financial risk as the owner may lose all their possessions

An advantage of being a franchisee is that you are the owner of the restaurant. A disadvantage is that it can cost a lot of money to get started as a franchisee.

advantage-avoid paying interest if the owner takes out a loan hope this at least helps

I think it may mean that the seller of the vehicle will "hold the loan" or will let the buyer make payments to them and once paid in full, seller will then sign title over to buyer.

One of the advantages is small businesses can market products and services to a wider audience. A disadvantage can be owner or stockholder conflict with regards to the vision and direction of the company.

The advantage of the sole proprietorship is that the owner of the business enjoys all the profits alone. The disadvantage is that the owner of the business bares all losses alone.

If a Trust is the registered owner, then it would also be the legal seller.

That means the owner-seller has agreed to take a second mortgage that will be a junior lien to the primary purchase money mortgage.That means the owner-seller has agreed to take a second mortgage that will be a junior lien to the primary purchase money mortgage.That means the owner-seller has agreed to take a second mortgage that will be a junior lien to the primary purchase money mortgage.That means the owner-seller has agreed to take a second mortgage that will be a junior lien to the primary purchase money mortgage.

A business owner can go in business for themselves to make more money, but it will take long hours. A business owner can start a business to meet the demands of customers. A disadvantage to that is the fact that customers are very demanding.

No. Sometimes legal documents will do this, (Buyer, Seller, Owner) but in general it's not necessary.

When the owner carries the paper that means that the owner will finance the deal. The owner becomes the mortgage company.

The owner can adjust all of the running of the business quickly without having to wait for authorization from senior members of staff or board members. Disadvantages are that the company may not have much money to buy from reputable suppliers

Advantage: 1) Raises funds for meeting expenditure in social sectors, restructuring of PSUs and retiring public debt. Disadvantage: 1) The owner will dilute the ownership of the company.

Advantages The owner of the business has the freedom to set up the business exactly as they wish and see fit. The owner is able to determine the pace of growth and change to the business. Establishing a business also means that the owner doesn't have t pay good will. If the owner has s limited amount of funds, she/he can start on a smaller scale and slowly progress.DisadvantagesThere is a high risk involved in establishing your own business and an uncertainty, will it succeed, or fail? The business has no customer base and has to employ staff and also develop lines of credit with its suppliers. The business might start slow and this can mean it will run at a negative.

There can be many advantages to purchasing real estate from an individual seller opposed to a real estate company. The biggest advantage to buying from an individual is the ability to talk them down on the price.

Yes, it belongs to the land and not the owner.

I presume owner carry homes are kind of apartments so you can get equity line of credit .

Advantages: you don't have to own a computer or pay for your own Internet connection Disadvantages: There are so many security risks when you use an Internet cafe. There may be a key logger installed on the computer. The owner of the cafe may be monitoring/filtering your Internet traffic. You are much more susceptible to ID theft. You have no control over what programs are/are not on the machine.

The OWNER (no matter what capacity) is responsible.

For the owner, an advantage is that there is a place for customers to go to in order to talk to the owner or employees, landscaping items can be sold from the location, etc. A disadvantage is that having the office would be costly and if you owned it, there would be maintenance. For customers, the advantage would be having a location to go to in order to contact the owner/employees and possibly buy landscaping products.

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