What does it mean when a young girl has her period and then it stops but three days later she experiences bleeding like having her period again?

This can be quite common in young women or even women going into peri menopause. Stress can also cause you to be late for a period or start, stop and start again. If the bleeding is flowing too heavily it is best to see your doctor and have it check out. If it's regular bleeding and you feel fine it should balance itself out eventually. During the first1 or 2 years when a girl starts her period it may be irregular and not follow the monthly cycle. but it should eventually regulate and become a once a month thing. if you're past the first few years and the problem persists then i recommend seeing a physician. From the time a young girl starts her periods until the age of 16 it's quite common to miss several months of a period, but don't let it go on for more than a year. Often eating disorders can be linked to the lack of a constant missing period, but it's doubtful in your daughter's case.