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When one has market risk premium he/she is willing to take an financial risk. The risk premium is how much value stocks should return over a risk-free investment. Stocks are considered a higher financial risk (and possible a faster gain) opposed to, for instance, bonds.

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Q: What does it mean when one has market risk premium?
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Business insurance is based on two principles: one is your risk and history in the industry, and two is history and risk of your company. If these two items are compromised then your premium will be raised.

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one has the word has in and one has the word takes in Diversifiable risk is the risk which can be mitigated by investing in different companies, different sectors, different assets and also different regions. Here we trying to minimize the risk of huge loss by taking the whole risk against one or few companies/ sectors / assets / regions. Non-Diversifiable risk can not be mitigated at all. This is the risk you are exposed to in individual investment. Every investment holds Market risk, i.e. uncertainity of market moving up or down and respective movement of your investment .

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There is no answer to this question in its current form. If you mean the global stock market, then of course there is risk. But you try to minimise this via research. Each of us has a different propensity to risk. Risk and reward have to be intelligently balanced. Right now, you could get around 9-9.5% without almost zero risk. If you are looking for a far higher return on your capital, then the markets or hedge funds are your answer. For safety. any investment portfolio should be balanced. That means not all your eggs in one basket.

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What is the difference between money market and bond market?

Money Market: Usually reffer to a market where short term meturity securities are traded. short term securities are securities who's meturity period is from one day to less then a year, Money market have minimal risk then capital market. the example of money market instruments are T-bills, Commercial papers, Bank's acceptences and repos etc. Capital Market: reffered to a market where long term meturity securities are traded, securities traded in capital market have meturity period of one or more then one year (defence securities have meturity period of upto 20 years and more). capital market have more risk then money market. the example of capital market securities are bonds and shares etc.

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