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Q: What does it mean when one substance is known to be a better conductor of heat than another?
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Which isbetter conductor?

One conductor is usually better or equivalent to another. In order to say, with certainty, as to which conductor is better, the types of conductors being compared would have to be known.

What does it mean one substance is known to be a better conductor of heat than another?

It means you should use the other one to make handles out of for your frying pans,not the first one.

What does it mean when one substance is known to be a better conductor of heat than the other?

It can mean it will let electricity pass through it easier.

What does It mean when one substance is known to be better conductor of heat than another?

It has more free electrons in the outer energy band.

A substance that lets electric charge pass through it is known as what?

A Conductor.

What is the direct transfer of heat from one substance to a another substance that is Touching?

It is known as: conduction.

What properties are seen when one substance changes to another known as?

chemical .

When homogeneous mixture in which one substance is dissolved in another substance is known as a?

This is a homogeneous solution.

What does it mean to be a conductor?

A good conductor is a substance that will easily carry loose ions, also known as electricity. Many metals are good conductors. Conductors have many modern applications. Any wire that carries an electrical current has to be a conductor of some sort. On the contrary, substances that do not conduct electricity are known as insulators. Rubber is a very common insulator.

What is a zero-conductor?

A zero-conductor is also known as a negative supply conductor.

Is mercury a better conductor of heat than glass?

No, it is not. The best thermal conductor among the metals is silver, and it is the best electrical conductor as well. There is a general "rule" in the natural world that thermal and electrical conductivity are proportionate among metals; they "track" together. If a metal is a better thermal conductor than another metal, it will be a better electrical conductor as well. It should be noted that the best thermal conductor of all known materials is the allotrope of carbon we call diamond. Interestingly, diamond is an electrical insulator.

What is the name given to a person who conducts an orchestra?

A conductor Conductor The conductor is also known as "Maestro".