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Your stool can be green if you ate green things, such as spinach.

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2020-09-05 01:44:41
What if I didn’t eat anything green? Also my daughter is ten and she had green poop, is that normal, or does she need to go to a doctor?

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If your poop is dark green it usally means that you have diarreia or your about to have diarreia.

that means it might be sick. If the parakeets usual poop is green that might not mean its sick. But if this is like, the first or second time that its had green poop go to a vet!

It means you ate food with green food coloring.

When your poop is green, It means that you are eating healthy. If your poop is brown, chances are you arent eating so healthy. That's just what doctors say. Not proven yet though.

You can poop green poop if you eat a lot of green veggies. Or a lot of green stuff...

if you poop green.... Somethings wrong. or you ate to much green food. because poop is suposed to be brown

A lot of iron in your diet or you had a fast evacuation and your poop didn't have a chance to turn brown!!

No, green poop is unhealthy. You probably have an infection or your poop is passing through your intestines too quickly.

Green poop can be dangerous in massive amounts. If you poop once a day for a week and you have green poop 3 out of the 7 days, that's fine. But if you take a poop and plug the toilet with green poop than that is too much. You might want to get yourself checked for the swine flu cause you probably have it

its not...the moon is white...its not green or brown or te color of your motherfcking poop you idiot!

The thing that causes Lime Green Poop is that you have Severe Prolonged Diarrhea.

it means that a g-pig ate bad grass.

They have green poop if you feed him to much of something and if you feed him alot of hamster mix i have had expirience.

Green poop is normal, and is caused by something you ate. There is probably no reason to be concerned.

umm eww at first and aliens arent real and if they were they would probley not have"green poop".

yes because it is green :)

No your poop is really green! If it is brown you are a doofes! Da

If you are having green poo, it does not mean you are pregnant. I can poop orange sometimes but that dosent mean I have an STI. It only means you are eating something with green colouring. If you want to know if your pregnant, go have a test.

well. it all depends on what you eat.. if you drink nothing but water. your poop will be diarrhea.. if you eat peanuts.. you will see it in your poop. that goes with corn they are indigestible. Very dark fecal matter could mean blood in the stools. p.s- sometimes poop is green.

Because what you eat effects the color of you poop. If you poop is green or more likely to be brown that's good because it means you healthy. If your poop appears to be different then usually you should contact your doctor.

it is green because the brest milk

It comes in various colors, including green.

a camels poop is actually GREEN because i got a pet camel and wooh it stinks like a mens room in there

yes it is horrible for you

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