What does it mean when she says the feeling is mutual but is not ready to date?


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Don't you just hate it when people are so indecisive? I love people to get to the point and just spit it out! It could mean so many things. Perhaps there are a few good reasons such as the person has been a victim of rape, sexual abuse or another thought that came to mind, the person has HIV or Herpes. Anyone of those reasons is extremely personal and hard for that person to discuss. I'm not saying this is the reason behind this girl not dating you, but if you really think you care for each other and without pressing her too much, try going for a quiet walk and asking her a few more questions. She may tell you and she may not. Good luck Marcy


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The word mutual in this phrase means that he/she shares the same feeling as you. If you say 'I love you', and he/she says 'The feeling is mutual', it means he feels the same.

It means that they mean a lot to you, and if they say it back, then the feeling is mutual.

If you say to someone "The feeling is mutual" you are telling that person that you agree with them - your opinions, thoughts, feelings mirror theirs. It means: "I feel the same way about sucking your nob"

Maybe she really doesn't date. Maybe she is not ready for a serious relationship. Give her some time for when she can decide on when she's ready to date. or she might not want to go out with you, but probably not.

Well when a girls says that she likes you it mean that she is feeling ready to tell you! You should do the same when your ready tell her

it means that you are either close to your period or you are ready to have sex and you are feeling Horne it could mean a sign of pregnancy.

Are you asking about Mutual MEDIATION?

"What is mean by mutual intent between guest and innkeeper?" "What is mean by mutual intent between guest and innkeeper?"

A blind date is a date where the people have not met before. The date might be arranged by a mutual friend, dating service, family member, or other acquaintance.

I think you mean mutual. We have mutual friends. Our mutual enemy attacked another country.

It could mean he really is feeling like he's falling in love with you or he could be just trying to get in your pants!

Mutual means "both of the people involved agree on something".

This means that a person is not attached to someone in reference to marriage or a significant other. Since this person is non-committed to another or "single", they are in a position to be able to date freely. "Ready to mingle" means they are ready to date people once again without the strings of a significant other.

Usaully depending on what context its used in, it means both feel the same way about it like when you ask someone did you break up with them? or did they break up with you? and they say it was mutual that means they both felt the same way about it an broke up with each other.

Exactly what he said. His feelings for you developed earlier than he was ready for them to develop, and that's making him uncomfortable. He should get used to them and actually begin to like feeling like that soon.

transitive verb : to bring into a mutual relationintransitive verb : to have a mutual relationship

I have a uti infection. I'm feeling a heavy feeling in my uterus. What does that mean?

Well igualmente is mostly used in greetings, but it means equally; although when used in a greeting for example one person would say very nice to meet you (gusto en conocerle) and then the second person would say the feeling is mutual or something of that sort which in spanish would be igualmente so igualmente can mean equally, same, or the feeling is mutual. It just depends how you use it.

The dream illustrates the dreamer's feeling of being unprepared for some important event, such as an interview or personnel evaluation.

It means he is not ready to date, or have anyone as a girlfriend for that period. To go into relationship one has to be prepared emotional, mentally and other wise.

As a question: Is it ready? or Are You Ready? As a statement It/he is ready.

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