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This means that this person is just right, or fits the bill, is the best for the job.

Perhaps but in sports a ringer is someone playing for a regular legal player but is not in fact a member of the team. Usually a superior player or a professional playing in amateur leagues, they are illegal and teams using them must forfeit the game if caught.

A ringer is also someone who is a double for another person, an exact duplicate, coming originally from a horse substituted for another of similar appearance in order to defraud the bookies (called a ringer).

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What is an Australian cowboy called?

Cowboys in Australia are called stockmen or jackaroos. Women are called jillaroos.Previous answerers have suggested the term is "roustabout" or "ringer". A roustabout is someone - usually a younger lad - who cleans up after the shearers in a shearing shed. The ringer is the leading or fastest sheep-shearer in a shed.

What is a bell ringer called?

A campanologist or a toller.

What does the surname Bell mean?

Rising independently from varying sources, "Bell" may be an occupational-type surname for someone who was a bell-ringer, a person who lived near a bell, or someone who was considered to be handsome.

What is a function of a ringer in a telephone?

To alert people near the phone that someone is trying to contact them !

What channel is ringer on?

Ringer is on nokia channel...

What does it mean when someone calls someone a skunk?

If someone called you a skunk it meant that you stink

What is someone called that doesn't believe in atheists?

if you mean if someone does not believe in God, this person is called an atheist

What does it mean when someone called you a demon?

When someone calls you a demon it means that you are evil.

Is it love when a man leaves you at is house and leaves the ringer on the phone?

No, love is when you become emotionally attached to someone

What is the job of a Ringer in a shearing shed?

the ringer is the farstes shearer

When was Frederick Ringer born?

Frederick Ringer was born in 1838.

When did Frederick Ringer die?

Frederick Ringer died in 1907.

When did Sydney Ringer die?

Sydney Ringer died in 1910.

When was Sydney Ringer born?

Sydney Ringer was born in 1836.

When was Robert Ringer born?

Robert Ringer was born in 1938.

When was Mark Ringer born?

Mark Ringer was born in 1959.

When was Derek Ringer born?

Derek Ringer was born in 1956.

How tall is Claus Ringer?

Claus Ringer is 179 cm.

How tall is Tiana Ringer?

Tiana Ringer is 5' 4".

When was Herb Ringer born?

Herb Ringer was born in 1913.

When did Herb Ringer die?

Herb Ringer died in 1998.

What does it mean if Someone called me a pigeon?

It means that they are in love with you.

What are expert shearers called?

An expert shearer is called a Ringer. Answer An expert shearer is a "gun shearer", or at least one who can shear a large number of sheep in a day. A ringer is a general station hand or stockman, particularly on cattle stations in Australia's north.

What is noah ringer number?

What's Noah ringer phone number

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